Perhaps, quite selfishly, one of my favorite posts to write each year is this round-up of the thing that are on my own personal holiday gift wishlist. Do I *need* any of this? Mostly not. But if I decide to gift myself something or if someone reading this is looking to gift me something, here are plenty of things I want. And if you’re having trouble thinking of things to put on your own wishlist – maybe one of these will be a fit!
  1. Silky Pajamas – I’m very into the idea of these luxe looking pajamas with a celestial print.
  2. British Designers At Home – I rarely buy coffee table books (because in full transparency we don’t have a coffee table) but I’d find space for this one about the real homes of British Designers. I love that lived-in, quirky English style.
  3. Oversized Hair Bow – Wouldn’t be mad at accompanying tickets to Paris while we’re at it.
  4. Red (Taylor’s Version) on Vinyl – I think this one goes without saying.
  5. Harney & Sons Holiday Tea Set – I love specialty teas in winter and this duo (Hot Cinnamon Spice and Holiday) sounds so festive.
  6. Statement Earrings – I’ll likely be cashing in on my employee discount for these beauties.
  7. Plaid Bag – Adds such a fun, festive touch to an otherwise simple outfit.
  8. Silver Party Heels – These would be so cute with sparkly socks and jeans or tights and a party dress. Code: Steele15 will get you 15% off if you’re similarly swooning.
  9. Tickets to Moulin Rouge on Broadway – I really want to get back to a Broadway show after over a year of not having that option. Moulin Rouge feels like it would be such a fun one!
  10. Holiday City Mugs – These festive mugs come in New York, London, Paris and Los Angeles versions and I’m very tempted to collect the full set.
  11. 1990 Sweatshirt – Adam is a 1990 baby and I love this vintage looking red sweatshirt as a nod to him.
  12. Taper Candle Holders – I like that these feel organic and seasonless. They’d be so pretty with a colored taper candle.
  13. Light Tortoiseshell Glasses – I finally made it to the Eye Dr. since pre-pandemic and my prescription changed slightly. A perfect excuse for a new pair of glasses.
  14. Work Horse by Kim Reed – I’m fascinated by the underbelly of the New York restaurant scene. I love that this memoir takes you inside the world from a woman’s perspective.