While I’m in the spirit of yearly recaps (the best books I read in 2022 here), I thought I would reflect on my favorite purchases of 2022. These 10 items were particularly useful, infinitely wearable and/or just things I ended up loving. And – because I’m a sentimental shopper – I also shared 5 “bonus” purchases below those.. things that cannot be linked. Things that I spent money on last year that purely brought me joy. It was a fun exercise that I encourage you to try!

  1. Reformation Cynthia Jeans – I could write an entire love letter to these jeans. They look vintage yet modern, hold their shape through a bunch of wears (I strongly disagree with washing jeans after just one wear) and are perfectly rigid, high-waisted, curve hugging in a true blue wash. In short, to me they are perfect. The price per wear on these is down to pennies since buying them in May.
  2. Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses – It’s not hyperbole when I say these changed my life. I had been fighting the dilemma of wearing glasses but then squinting into the sun vs wearing non-prescription sunglasses but squinting to see distance for years now. This put an end to that and all year I felt a burst of happiness every time I put them on. I also feel very “me” in this classic shape.
  3. Tea Organizer – I bought this last January and for whatever neurotic reason it sparks joy every time I make tea (which is nearly everyday). Something about it makes me feel like I’m in a fancy tea shop with lots of options even when I’m barefoot in our messy kitchen.
  4. High Top Converse in Parchment – It took me almost a month last spring to track these down in my size in the vintage-looking parchment color, but ever since they’ve been on my feet about 5 days a week. From traipsing through Paris to commuting to work, they felt cool with dresses, easy with jeans and practical/comfortable enough to get my 10k steps in.
  5. Neely & Chloe Black Top Handle Bag – I picked this up in their Black Friday sale after being really impressed by the quality and timeless appeal on a couple of other bags I have from the brand. I wanted an update to the black crossbody bag I’ve been carrying for about 6 years and love this one. I carried it all over London and love that it can go from day to night if need be.
  6. Handheld Steamer – I’ve talked before about my love of steaming but in case you’re new here – I haven’t ironed in probably 5 years but am instead, devoted entirely to steaming everything I wear before I put it on. Wrinkles make even the best clothes look cheap to me and irons are very harsh on fabrics. Anyway, I bought a new handheld steamer this year and love this little guy. Small, lightweight and instantly hot. Highly recommend for steaming at home or domestic travel (it’s not dual voltage).
  7. J.Crew Silk Slip Skirt in Camel – I love a piece that can be worn year round and this one fits the bill. I’ve worn it with simple sandals and the aforementioned perfect white tee in summer. With a sweater and ankle boots in fall. And now, with tights, the heels and a tweed blazer in winter. It can be dressed up or down and has a beautiful drape to it. Comes in lots of colors too!
  8. Alexis Bittar Two Tone Hoop Earrings – A super wearable medium size, lightweight and with two tone metal and the tiniest hint of crystal sparkle. So basically they go with everything, day or night. I wear them at least a few times every week.
  9. Franco Sarto Black Knee High Boots – The brand was kind enough to gift this pair to me in the Fall and since then I’ve worn them on constant rotation. They have a 90s appeal to me and are almost shockingly comfortable for all day wear.
  10. J.Crew Vintage Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt – I bought this in white and black in my usual size and they’re possibly my favorite basic t-shirt I’ve ever worn. Lightweight but not sheer. Boxy and slightly slouchy but still flattering and just fitted enough. I already need to go back and buy more in multiples.


Now.. the “just for fun” favorites (outside of plane tickets that is):

  1. Rococo Fashion Bookmarks at Versailles: One thing about me is that I love a museum gift shop. When we were visiting Versailles I spotted this set of funny little paper doll-esque bookmarks in the fashion style of Marie Antoinette’s Rococo Era. I bought a set for myself and my best friend Claire (the only other person in this world I knew would be equally excited by them) and they truly spark joy for me every time I open a book.
  2. Harry Styles Tickets: This one is likely pretty self explanatory but that show was just SO happy. Dancing in the aisles, feathers flying off of boas, face hurting from smiling so much kind of happy. Also I don’t think there’s anyone else operating at Harry’s level right now – all of Madison Square Garden just losing their mind for him. It was a bit like what I imagine seeing Elvis in his heyday to have felt like. Probably the most expensive thing on this list but I have no regrets. 
  3. A basket of beach fries from Rippers at Rockaway Beach over Memorial Day Weekend: It was our first beach day of the season and I remember just feeling so happy to feel warm and be hanging out on the sand. I can picture what I was wearing and exactly how they tasted. $5 (or whatever they cost) well spent. 
  4. Rockettes Tickets: I’ve wanted to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular forever but always thought it would be too expensive or that it’s meant more for families to attend. Turns out? Grabbing Black Friday discount tickets for a 10PM Saturday night show, just Adam and I, was reasonably affordable and SO fun. No kids in tow needed. I loved it.
  5. Vintage Feather Manolo Blahniks: Are they practical? Not at all. Do I love them? Entirely. This year I continued to focus on building my “forever wardrobe”. Which doesn’t mean everything has to be a basic black sweater – it just means finding pieces that I love and feel collectible and inherently “me”. These ticked all of those boxes. 

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I stopped doing traditional ‘gift guides’ a few years back when I ran out of energy amidst an already chaotic time of year for me – but this post is one of my favorites, so it stays. I’m grateful to say I really don’t need anything this year.. I mean I already snagged Taylor Swift tickets for god sakes, what more could I want?! And because Adam and I booked a trip for ourselves (leaving the day after Christmas!) we won’t exchange anything more than a few tiny stocking stuffers. But the holidays are a fun time to make a wishlist anyway and so here are a few things I wouldn’t mind finding under my tree.

  1. Black Top Handle Bag: I have a black crossbody bag that has been an absolute workhouse for the past 7 years, but I like the idea of a slightly dressier black bag that could still work day or night. I have two other bags from NY-based sister owned brand Neely & Chloe and the quality is so nice. I have had my eye on this ladylike one next.
  2. Cashmere Socks: I’ve never tried cashmere socks but doesn’t it just sound like the sweetest little luxury?
  3. Tout est Magique’ Print: I’d like to make a few updates to corners of the apartment in the coming months and this print (which translates from French to ‘everything is magic’) would be perfect to swap what I currently have in our kitchen.
  4. Clean Beauty Blush: I have had the same cream blush for yearrrsss and desperately need to replace it. I’ve heard rave reviews of this Merity Beauty option.
  5. Otherland Candle: I keep wanting to try this candle brand (they just opened a store downtown too) and I love the look of their new gilded collection for winter.
  6. Champagne Ornament: I always try to pick up an ornament that is symbolic of the year we’ve had and this sparkly bottle reminds me of a favorite moment from our trip to Paris in May, eating fancy desserts and drinking champagne in the Tuileries Garden.
  7. Plaid Smocked Dress: Part of our upcoming travels has a very cozy element and this dress seems like it would be perfect for cozying up by a fire with a warm drink.
  8. Muji Pens: It’s silly but these minimalist Japanese pens are the only ones I write with (0.5 tips or nothing). I’d happily take a 6 pack in my stocking.
  9. Running Sneakers: Probably the only thing on this list I do actually need is a replacement pair of running shoes. I’ve heard great things about Brooks brand and would love to try this pair.
  10. An American in Provence book: Photographer Jamie Beck left New York for a year in Provence… and never moved back. If you’re not familiar with photography it’s stunning and I’d love to hear more about her life in the south of France.
  11. Jewelry Travel Case: It’s sort of shocking that I don’t own a proper jewelry travel case but after losing a pair of earrings on our last trip I want to make sure I have one before our holiday travel.
  12. Hair Dryer: Another practical item, my old hair dryer is yearsss old and definitely not doing my hair any favors. I’d love to go to something more compact and higher tech like this one.
  13. Lucite Flower Earrings: I certainly don’t need more statement earrings but these Lucite flowers are like little works of art.. and with my employee discount I just might go for them as a gift to myself.
  14. Prescription Sunglasses: I bought a pair of prescription sunglasses this year and I’m not exaggerating when I say they changed my life. It’s the reason every photo you see of me I’m wearing them. Now that I know what a difference they make I want to get a second pair so I can change up the style a bit from time to time.




If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that these past couple of weeks (as usual with a career in Fashion/Ecommerce) have been peak stress. I’m at my desk working again today but in mini breaks I’ll be taking advantage of quite a few Black Friday sales I’ve had my eye on. While I definitely don’t *need* more clothes or accessories, we booked a very fun trip for the holidays and I want to pick up a few special pieces to take with me. It’s also a great time for me to grab a new wool winter coat on sale that I do in fact need and get started on a few gifts on my list!
Below – the best sales I’ve seen and exactly what I’m shopping or what I already own and love that might be of interest. Happy shopping!



  • These jeans are the absolute best – there’s 0 stretch though and a high waisted fit so expect them to fit tight at first or size up. 25% Off right now and I’m considering buying a back up pair I love them so much.
  • This clean beauty mascara – now 20% off. A perfect time to restock.
  • I love this classic cashmere sweater and own it in about 4 colors already and they hold up well for years. 40% off this weekend!
  • These knee high black leather boots are such classics and SO comfortable. I’m talking 10 hour work day, commute to the office and out to dinner after, kind of comfortable. 30% off right now!
  • 30% off these gold and crystal simple hoop earrings at least twice a week.
  • One of my favorite purchases of the fall (and will be so good for holiday) – these suede Mary Jane Pumps are 30% off right now.
  • I live in these pajamas in the winter, not too heavy and so comfortable. They’re 50% off right now.
  • 30% off this fir & firewood scented candle that I burn all December long.



Most of the year, I don’t go too wild with accessories.. but when it’s comes to the holidays I can’t resist a fun oversized earring or faux fur earmuffs or feather bag. You get the point. This year the selection feels particularly good out there. Why not grab a black dress already in your closet and make it feel fresh with one or two of these? As a $14 hack – I’m planning on buying these crystal bow shoe clips and spicing up my favorite pair of black pumps. See you under the disco ball.






I’ve been all over lately – uptown exploring the Upper West Side, downtown for work and out of town this past weekend. With that in mind, I’ve been mixing and matching more separates lately (great jackets, easy to throw on jeans and leggings and cute tops), so I thought it would be fun to share my take on Uptown, Downtown and Out of Town style with a few new favorites from Talbots. See the full outfit videos on my Instagram here and shop below:


I love an oversized button down with nice thick leggings this time of year for a comfortable but still chic look. The cape and plaid satchel elevate the whole thing.


I’ve been wearing this striped tee and faux leather quilted jacket when I need to look put together but not too overly dressy. Throw on a pair of jeans and loafers and you’re done!


Love this field coat with a removable shearling collar and cashmere floral sweater and these wide leg jeans are comfortable but still put together.

Also – Talbots justttt released a sneak peek of their Holiday collection and it’s SO good! Lots of my favorite styles are back again this year (like these lace trousers, this velvet tank, these lug sole boots and this metallic vest) + plenty of fun new additions (these sparkly heels, this faux fur scarf and this tweed puffer). I highly suggest getting these now – while they’re 30% off! – because things always sell out quickly this time of year. My favorites here:




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