I made this very fun Reel (if I do say so myself) in Palm Springs as an easy way to capture what I was wearing as I, quite literally, headed out the door. I thought it would be helpful to add still shots here (in some cases I had better photos than just the door shot) and all the links + some notes on sizing, etc. Also – I fit this all in a carry-on suitcase + this magic shoulder duffle that holds a ton but still fits under airplane seats. Where’s there’s a fashion will.. there’s a way.


*I took my smaller size in this dress and probably could have sized up, but it has a good amount of stretch. Shoes and sweater are old from J.Crew. As always, my sunglasses are prescription from Warby Parker – which is why I have them on so constantly!


*I took my regular size in the top, bottoms and skirt – I’d say they all fit pretty TTS – but the bottoms definitely have a skimpier cut.. which is why the skirt is so nice to have too! Sandals are old from J.Crew.


*The pants run large – I sized down to Petite (I’m 5’4″ for reference) and still probably would have gone down another waist size had it been available, but with a belt they work just fine! I would size up in the strapless top if you have a bigger chest.


*Top and skirt both fit TTS, the tank is perfectly cropped so that you don’t have bulk tucking into pants or skirts, but it just grazes bottoms that are high waisted. Mesh bag is old H&M.


*Dress is TTS and has a built in cotton slip and drawstring adjustable waist. Bag is old from Anthropologie.


*I probably could have sized down in the top and shorts but I like that they have a lived in, slightly slouchy fit!



*Bathing suit runs slightly small, I sized up in the bottoms. Shirt is an oversized fit.


*To note – shoes are incredible comfortable! No break-in time, they feel like butter.

LOOK 10:

*Dress runs slightly large. Shoes are old Loeffler Randall

LOOK 11:

*Dress is an oversized fit. Comes with a detachable matching fabric belt.

LOOK 12:

*Fit TTS – I sized up as I hate when running shorts feel too small and wanted to be able to layer under the pullover.

LOOK 13:

*Important to note! The vest runs pretty big (I actually had mine altered to fit as the smallest size was sold out at the time – looks to have since been restocked and now on sale! Of course! – but the shorts run just a bit small. I took my usual size but they have a high waist and no stretch – I like the fit this way, but if you want more breathing room, size up in those.

LOOK 14:

*Bottoms are a cheeky fit so you could size up for slightly more coverage and if you have a larger chest I’d size up in the top.

LOOK 15:

* Dress runs TTS although on the shorter side – I went with my smaller size as it’s a somewhat stiffer fit (though not at all uncomfortable) so I didn’t want a lot of extra fabric.


As someone who recharges in direct sunlight, enjoys being surrounded by well manicured nature (love a formal garden.. do not love camping.. you know what I mean?) and strongly identifies with 1960s/70s aesthetics – Palm Springs feels like a personal oasis. This was our fourth time there and every time I arrive it feels like an exhalation. It’s a real treat to be able to find a place that makes you feel that way and an even bigger one to have the privilege to return to it year after year.

As such, I like to dress for the style I think that it deserves. A raffia dress (have you ever seen anything better?) and matching headband! Rainbow platform sandals! A punchy bag and lipstick! It’s all welcome here. Order a tiki drink and stay awhile.



I mentioned in this last post that we were headed somewhere warm soon, and after pushing the trip back by a week (life!) we are finally catching a flight this afternoon. Last time I shared the neutrals that I was eyeing both for this trip and for the season ahead, but today I’ve got a more colorful edit that feels so fun for vacation.



Two weeks from today we’ll be somewhere warm, hopefully with a drink in hand. I always use our spring travel as a way to jumpstart my wardrobe with a few new pieces that I can break in on the trip but then continue to wear in the season ahead. This year is no different and I have my online carts full of things that I think will be fun to wear while we’re away but still prove versatile throughout spring and summer. Below – the (mostly) neutrals I’ve got my eye on. Spoiler: a colorful edition is still to come!


LET’S CATCH UP 3.11.24

As I write this, we’ve officially made it through the darkest days of winter. A single tree in our neighborhood has just burst into tiny pink petals. There are (a little strangely?) 60 degree days in the forecast for the week ahead. Spring appears to be knocking at the door – and I’m more than ready to welcome her in. Below, what’s on my mind, on my bookshelf and in my cart as we look towards a new season.


  • In an effort to manage my typical winter blues I made a really pointed effort these past few months to focus on good habits – a consistent workout routine, reading good books before bed instead of endless scrolling, healthy eating and limited alcohol intake, re-setting my finances, finally taking daily vitamin D. It’s the stuff that I know is good for me but I used to let it get pushed to the back-burner. Lo and behold, despite work still being stressful and some aspects of life being challenging (I don’t suspect that to ever not be the case) I feel.. good. And March is, historically, not a month where I’d describe myself feeling that way. Hope you’re all finding glimmers of happiness too as we make our way out of winter.
  • Another thing I’m feeling happy about? Spring travel! Because of my work schedule, I only have specific times of year when I can be away and to make the most of that we have two trips booked for this spring. I’ll leave you guessing as to where we’re headed but one is a place we’ve been before (3 times in fact) and the other will be new for us (I technically went there once for a single night about 15 years ago but I can barely remember it.. so counting it as new)!
  • A quick and easy lunch I’ve been making: shredded brussel sprouts marinated overnight in olive oil and lemon juice. Add pomegranate seeds, slivered almonds, salt/pepper to taste and top with shaved parmesan. That’s it!
  • I found this recent NY Times Article on teen subcultures fascinating, if not pretty disheartening. TLDR: kids of past generations had to earn their aesthetics: preppy kids actually went to private schools and played lacrosse, mall goths actually hung outside of Hot Topic at the mall.. you had to ground yourself in actual spaces surrounding by like-minded people to be legit. Today – subcultures are born in the vacuum of TikTok (cottagecore, vanilla girl..) and have nothing to do with outside society. As someone who loves fashion history and the ways that what we wear has always been a reflection of the times in which we’ve lived, I’m honestly not sure where we go from here?
  • I’ve been sharing a bit on Instagram but after starting from scratch at running again last year, I started to add some real distance in this year and so far, so good. My sister and I signed up for Philly’s Broad Street 10 Mile Run in early May and then I’ve got my sights set on a half marathon in early June out in Coney Island. My last half was when I had just turned 30 and I hadn’t been consistently running in the years since, so I honestly wasn’t sure I’d ever get back to this place. I feel pretty proud of my progress and this time around, am really enjoying the training.


  • I do this thing sometimes where if I think I’m going to l love a book, I put off reading it. I guess because I, preemptively, don’t want it to be over? It’s silly really but I’ve been doing it with Ann Patchett’s ‘Tom Lake‘ – even though I preordered it last Fall! I finally ‘let myself’ start it this weekend and while it has a sort of quiet start, I trust wherever she’s taking me. Next up for my Patchett journey is ‘State of Wonder‘ on her backlist. I have a copy I found at used bookstore ready and waiting on my shelf.
  • While I have bought probably 3 new books so far this year, I’ve largely been prioritizing ‘shopping my shelves’ and reading what I already own. To great results so far! ‘Talking At Night‘ was one that had been sitting around since last year – and when I finally picked last week I couldn’t put it down. It gutted me in the best way. Beautiful writing, characters with depth, a sprawling story.. please read it.
  • For the first time, my virtual book club is trying a “pairing” for the months ahead. We’re reading the backlist classic ‘The Things They Carried‘ by Tim O’Brien (a male perspective on Vietman) and new release ‘The Women‘ by Kristin Hannah (a female perspective on the same war). I’m really interested to read both and hear what we all think.
  • We started Feud on FX last night – the Truman Capote biopic with a star-studded cast of his ‘swans’. I had read the book ‘Capote’s Women‘ that it’s based on last month in preparation of watching so I knew it was going to be a darker story, but the visuals are a real treat as it spans 1950s-70s high society in New York.
  • I’m carefully planning what I’ll take with me on our first trip and I don’t have the full stack selected yet – but it’s definitely going to include Dolly Alderton’s latest release ‘Good Material‘ – I think she might be the modern day Nora Ephron. High praise, I know.



  • I made it 2+ months into 2024 with virtually no shopping! There was a pair of Pilates socks along the way, a couple of books and then at the very end – this dress (I was afraid my size would sell out and want to wear it on one of our upcoming trips) – but nothing else. Not even a manicure to speak of! I’ve done at least a month of this at the start of the past few years and it’s a really helpful practice in resetting my finances, taking stock of what my closet is truly missing and remembering that sometimes the ‘wanting’ passes. Highly recommend.
  • With the aforementioned trips on my mind, I’m taking advantage of Anthropologie offering 20% off purchases over $100 (ends tonight – use code: ANTHRO20)- this vest and short set and these playful earrings are on their way to me!
  • I’ve been wanting to try a pair of Ecru jeans for spring and am currently between this cropped pair and this wider leg, full length pair. I might order both to try at home and pick a favorite.
  • I started these non-toxic teeth whitening strips before our wedding and they work so well plus don’t create any sort of teeth sensitivities. It’s time to order another pack!
  • During my shopping ban, I noticed I often felt many of my outfits were missing a good belt option. For spring I’m looking at this raffia one, a classic black leather, and this denim one which would be fun over dresses.
  • Why are swimsuits so hard to find? Technically they’re everywhere but I want one that has a Goldilocks level of coverage and isn’t $300. Is that too much to ask? This polka dot one with this matching skirt is on my wishlist.
  • Abercrombie (despite the high school flashbacks it triggers) has so many cute things right now! Use code: AFLTK through tonight for 20% off – I ordered this cute denim dress and this sweet little embroidered dress.
  • Okay I know I don’t need these, but I’ve seen a lot of heels with rosettes this season.. but these are the ones I actually want.