Time is a slippery fish this year but never more so than this past month of June. Between a big promotion (me), a birthday (Adam), running a half marathon (me again), a weekend at the lake, attending the Tony Awards, 4 photoshoot days at work, and I don’t know.. I guess a little bit of sleep here and there, the month just flew by. I’m so looking forward to headed to the lake house mid-week and spending the 4th of July there as a chance to catch my breath before we dive head first into the next two months of summer. Hope you all have fun and/or relaxing plans of your own! Below, what’s on my mind, on my bookshelf and in my cart before we get away.


  • We don’t watch a ton of TV in the summer but Season 3 of The Bear is back and I can’t wait to start it! Otherwise I might try and catch The Bikeriders in theaters – reminds me of my grandfather who was in a motorcycle club (gang?) in the 40s/50s. Picture Austin Butler but with jet black hair.
  • We’re about to hit the 1 year marker on what I’ve been lovingly calling ‘My Year of Health and Habits’ – I’ve been drafting a personal reflection post on the somewhat significant changes I’ve made and my outlook going forward. Will likely hit publish later this week.
  • I’ve never considered myself particularly good at doing my own hair but lately I’ve settled into a 3-step process that’s yielding nice results (to note: I have fine hair but a lot of it, with a slight natural wave): Step 1: use this thickening spray from John Freida; Step 2: blow dry to about 90% with this T3 hairdryer; Step 3: roll into these ceramic rollers from The Hair Edit and let sit while I do my make-up. A little hairspray, unroll and voila! The finished result is nice and smooth with some bounce/volume to it.
  • One of the goals on my Summer Bucket List was to visit 3 new restaurants and 3 new bars, I only checked off one in June! The Upper West Sides’ trendy new Bad Roman – we only had time to grab drinks at the bar before the Tony Awards but the ones we ordered were delicious and the interiors were so fun. We want to go back for dinner asap! This month we’ve got long-awaited reservations at Minetta Tavern (a NY institution that we’ve still never tried) and Adam is desperate to try Hamburger America.


  • I’m 4 books into my 2024 Summer Reading List – need to get a move on! I’m hoping this long weekend at the lake I can really make a dent in it and am packing Real Americans by Rachel Khong and Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld + a few more that aren’t on the list. Whoops!
  • From the aforementioned list, all ones that I’ve read so far have been miraculously 4 stars or above for me! Highlights include The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher – a family drama published in 1987 (a good year if I do say so myself), The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo – a historical fiction with magical realism and romance mixed in, and I’m Mostly Here to Enjoy Myself by Glynnis MacNicol – a memoir of a single woman in her late 40s reclaiming her life post-2020 with a trip to Paris. They couldn’t have been more different (which I love in my reading life) and they were each fantastic in their own right.
  • While I like think I read fairly diversely all year long, I always try to squeeze in a book by an LGBTQ author during Pride month. I picked up Old Enough by Haley Jakobson at Strand a couple of weeks ago – a YA-ish novel exploring the messiness of college relationships – and am really liking it so far. It’s a quick read and I’m guessing it will be the first one I finish at the lake.


  • So. many. sales. I try to be really mindful when I’m shopping end of season sales – sure, it’s a great price – but is it filling a gap in my wardrobe? Can I style it multiple ways with things I already own? Will I be able to wear it not just in summer but also possibly into fall as well? Luckily (or unluckily for my budget) – I’m adding plenty of things to my cart that tick all of these boxes.
  • First up – the best sale I’ve ever seen at Larroudé (I’ve been coveting their shoes for ages) – I grabbed these denim mules – I love that they’re an on trend material in a timeless silhouette. I can already think of at least 3 ways I’ll wear them now through September.
  • Next up – I wanted to grab a few new pieces to add to my workout wardrobe as I find myself constantly having to wash sports bras and shorts right now. For the price, I don’t think you can beat Old Navy activewear right now – I grabbed these cherry red shorts and matching tank bra, this navy skort and this matching high support sports bra (why are those never cute? this one is).
  • Speaking of sports, I can’t wait for the Summer Olympics in Paris. I’ll be wearing this cute USA Swimming hat in patriotic spirit.
  • I’ve been really rethinking how I want to dress at work lately. I’m a lot of people’s boss these days, and so I want to look chic and polished and ‘in charge’ so to speak – but I also want to feel like me.. fun, not too stuffy and creative/fashionable. This Ulla Johnson dress (on major sale) fits the bill really nicely. I’m going to keep watching the price – but this espresso hued leather skirt is also a knock-out.
  • In that same vein – I just picked up a chocolate brown linen midi dress and olive crinkled satin top from J.Crew that I can’t wait to wear and grabbed my beloved Weston trousers from Talbots (I own them in black and red already) in a beautiful ivory crepe – all 3 pieces on major sale right now. To note: I find the trousers run a bit large so size down if you can – I need to have mine taken in at the tailer – but then they’re perfect.
  • At the start of the year I was resolved to build a belt wardrobe and I’m starting to make a dent in it. Almost every outfit looks better to me with a nice belt. This woven leather one was perfect over the aforementioned chocolate linen dress and is on sale now for less than $50.
  • Since all of the above is shockingly practical – how swoon-worthy is this party skirt? I love the idea of it with a simple white t-shirt or crewneck sweater and then knock-out heels. Don’t threaten me with a good time.



Hellooo summer! I know the people are divided on summer in New York (some liken it to a sauna with skyscrapers) but I’m firmly in the camp that revels in this time of year. The parks are lush and green, the days are seemingly endless and tend to spill right into hot city nights with an energy that’s unmatched any other time of year.

Last year however, for those that remember, our summer went a little differently. Between July and September we planned our entire wedding and honeymoon, said goodbye to two beloved grandparents, I battled a stomach ulcer and generally had a lot of life/work stress. Needless to say, there wasn’t a whole lot of weekends where we just soaked up summer. Not to jinx myself here, but this year is looking quite a bit more relaxed.

This season, besides lazy days reading in the park, Rockaway Beach trips and dinner/drinks al fresco – I’m making a point to do all the things that really make this time of year shine in the city. Below, my summer bucket list:

  1. Tribeca Film Festival – This falls in early June every year and we always try to get tickets to at least one event. I love seeing a sneak peek of movies that will be out in theater in the coming year and often hearing Q&A’s with the director and actors themselves after the screening!
  2. Grand Banks – An oyster bar.. on a boat! Docked at Pier25 near Tribeca, this is one of my favorite places in New York to grab a cocktail and oysters and watch the sunset over the Hudson when the weather is nice.. but when compiling this list I realized that I haven’t been there since pre-pandemic days! I need to change that this summer!
  3. Sleeping Beauties Exhibit at the Met Museum – I always try to catch the Costume Institute’s exhibit (that debuts at the Met Gala in May) and I’ve heard great things about this years. Bonus points for a warm weather trip to the Met including a rooftop glass of rosé while you gaze out over Central Park!
  4. Half Marathon – I’m officially booked for a half marathon in mid-June! My last one was when I was 30.. so it’s been awhile. I’m nervous but after consistent training these past few months and a ‘practice’ 10 mile race in Philly in early May, I think I’ll be ready to go! This one is out at Rockaway Beach which should be fun.
  5. Sailboat Cruise – Last Christmas we gifted my parents a voucher for a Sailboat Cruise around Manhattan. I can’t wait for them to come visit this summer and ‘cash in’ on this!
  6. Day Trip – For the most part we’re staying local this summer – but I’d love to get back out to Sag Harbor near the Hamptons (it’s been since pre-pandemic!) or upstate to Hudson (we’ve only ever been in the fall). Even just a day trip in the car would be enough to feel like we’ve been somewhere!
  7. Rooftop Show at Pier17 – One of my favorite warm weather venues, this rooftop in South Street Seaport offers sweeping views of downtown skyscrapers to your left and the East River and Brooklyn Bridge to your right. All while you watch live music. Hoping to catch another show there this summer!
  8. Boat House in Central Park – After a brief closure, the Central Park Boat House has thankfully reopened! We like to go and grab a drink and a bite on their outdoor deck while we watch the row-boaters go by.
  9. Try 3 New Restaurants and Bars – Between beloved institutions and trendy new spots – I will likely never get through all of the bars and restaurants here I want to try. Last year I started to move out of my comfort zone of favorites and make more of a dedicated effort to try places I’d always wanted to. I think one per month of each is an achievable goal!
  10. Rooftop Movie – Last year Adam took me to Rooftop Cinema Club in midtown and we saw Pretty Woman. It’s about the same cost as a regular movie, but you sit in great deck chairs, have individual headphones to drown out any city noise, and the evening showings start just as the sun goes down and the city lights start to flicker on. It was so fun! I want to go back for another film this summer sometime.


Long days by the lake or on the beach, evenings on the fire escape after work while the sun sets, sitting outside on my lunch break – summer reading hits different. Below, the 15 books on my list this year. And in case that’s not enough – my lists from 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2020 (when reading was basically all I did those months..). What a fun tradition this post has become!

  1. Funny Story by Emily Henry: I kicked off last year’s list with a rom-com from the queen of them too – so this felt fitting. I read this one in on big gulp on the plane ride home from Italy and loved it, I think it ranks #3 for me of her books, behind Book People and Beach Read.
  2. The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher: A backlist title circa the 1980s! A family drama I’d heard great things about, my book club is tackling it this month. I haven’t been able to put it down all weekend and after posting about it on Instagram, my Mom told me that my Nan and great Aunt loved it back in the 90s! I miss them both dearly which makes it such a fun connection now. Isn’t it amazing how books can do that?
  3. Table for Two by Amor Towles: If you’ve been here awhile you know I’m a fan of Amor Towles particular brand of character-driven historical fiction. Rules of Civility is one of my all-time favorite books and so I couldn’t help but grab this collection of essays – part of which follows one of the characters from Civility.
  4. Same As It Ever Was by Claire Lombardo: I loved Lombardo’s first novel ‘The Most Fun We’ve Ever Had’ and can’t wait for her latest to release in mid-June. Might even need to preorder this one!
  5. The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo: A little bit historical fiction, a little bit magical realism, a little bit romance – I’ve heard good things about this one.
  6. I’m Mostly Here to Enjoy Myself by Glynnis MacNicol: With a subtitle of ‘One Woman’s Pursuit of Pleasure in Paris’ how could I resist? Debuts mid-June.
  7. The Wedding People by Alison Espach: Her novel ‘Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance’ was one of my favorite books of the past few years and one I still think of often (the true mark of a 5 star read for me) – so I’m really looking forward to this one when it releases at the end of July. Espach threads the needle of heartbreak so well in my opinion while keeping a firm grasp on levity and realism. I’m hoping this book pulls off the same balancing act!
  8. Real Americans by Rachel Khong: Another highly anticipated book from an author that I’ve previously read and loved – this one is already getting a lot of great reviews. With duel timelines between late 90s New York City and present day, I’ve already got a signed copy and might dive into this one next!
  9. Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld: Published a few years ago, I’ve got a secondhand copy I found of this on my shelf waiting. Set in a fictional SNL with a ‘celebrity falls for normal person’ trope – I’m interested to see what Sittenfeld does with the romcom genre after reading and loving ‘Rodham’ by her last year.
  10. Old Flame by Molly Prentiss: Claire sent me this one for my birthday and I didn’t think I’d ever heard of it – a fun bookish surprise!
  11. Within Arm’s Reach by Ann Napolitano: Originally published 20 years ago this was recently re-released with a new cover. I loved ‘Hello Beautiful’ last year so I’m interested to read this backlist title by her!
  12. Anita De Monte Laughs Last by Xochitl Gonzalez: I grabbed this one in my Book of the Month mailer in May, a buzzy new release that follows two timelines set the in the art/literary world.
  13. June Loves Legs by Karl Geary: Admittedly – the last 4 books on my list this summer were all on my list either last year or the year before I didn’t get around to them. Time to finally tackle them! This one is billed as a heart-wrenching coming of age story of friendship, set in 1990s Ireland.
  14. Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty by Anderson Cooper: One of only 2 non-fiction books to make the list, I love Gilded Age history so I’m excited to make time for this one.
  15. The Librarianist by Patrick DeWitt: I loved reading ‘French Exit’ by this author a few summers ago – so I’m looking forward to finally picking this one up. The story follows an aging librarian in Portland, Oregon as he begins to volunteer at a local retirement home – but given DeWitt’s style I’m expecting dark humor and unnerving charm.


It’s official – I’m having a Sophia Loren summer. Full skirted dresses with fitted waists, red lips, straw bags, hair scarves.. give me all of it. Of course, it’s not far off from how I typically dress – but after leaning in further for our trip to Italy, I’m excited to continue the pattern for the warm weather months to come. And you can bet I’ll be rewearing everything I had packed. For the sake of fitting in a carry-on, I stuck to easy cotton and linen dresses for day, walkable block or wedge heels and a simplified color palette of black, white, tan, red and green (a bit of a nod to the Italian flag!). Below – everything I wore on our trip.


(Above): This vintage 1960s cotton eyelet dress felt like it set the tone for my whole suitcase. Very Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr. Ripley.. my ultimate summer style icon! Paired with old faithful sandals from J.Crew plus a new to me leather and wicker bag.


This dress reminded me of one of those classic Italian painting, all curves and draped fabric. And the green felt different for me – but very appropriate for emerald Taurus season! Worn for my favorite dinner of the trip. And can I give a shout-out to these raffia wedge heels? They went with half the outfits I packed and were so walkable and comfortable. 10/10.


Off the plane (and the trains and the water bus) we quickly freshened up to grab our first dinner of the trip in a nearby piazza. I love this polka dot slip skirt and linen vest – already worn to work since we’ve been back! And this particular little rose embroidered straw bag is my very favorite – a souvenir gift from Adam, bought on a trip to Paris two years ago.


Now this was a fun one. The cutest cherry print dress (going to run around New York City all summer in this), lace-up red sandals – practical thanks to a low block heel but they really pack a punch – a vintage bag, Adam’s sunglasses and my late Nan’s rings around my neck (she didn’t get the chance to travel the world so I like to ‘take her with me’ when I go someplace like this that I know she would have loved).

This red dress was the first thing I bought for our trip – I think back in February! It might have been before we even booked the flights – dress for the vacation you want, right? It’s a bit on the pricier side but it’s the most beautiful weight linen with a great structure and fit. Very much a forever dress. And I’ll tell you, it felt perfect wandering through Verona, sampling food from the local markets and stepping onto “Juliet’s balcony” in this. Very Sophia Loren summer coded.



I wore this on our last morning in Italy for a quick breakfast before we headed back to Milan to catch our flight home (don’t worry I swapped the sandals for sneakers to go to the airport!). I always say I want to invest in more tops and this short sleeve linen one is going to get a lot of wear this summer. Worn with my favorite jeans and a vintage silk scarf in my hair.


Date night, personified. I love this little black dress so much, the square neck, the wrap skirt. It’s easy and comfortable and can easily be punched up with accessories – like these veryyy fun cherry earrings, a sleek little bag and red sandals.


There’s something so timeless about a linen shirt dress – I love the sort of oatmeal color of this and while I think it would look great with brown or tan accessories too – I loved the contrast of the black raffia belt and sandals here. Paired with a favorite vintage bag and I felt like a postcard from Italy circa 1958.


Saved one of my favorites for the last night of the trip – a sunset boat ride and a delicious dinner tucked away in a beautiful little courtyard outside of the Opera house. This dress got delayed in shipping and I was certain it wasn’t going to arrive in time for the trip, but then miraculously landed on my doorstep the day before we left. It’s made from the most beautiful heavy cotton (almost like a light canvas) so it really keeps it’s shape and wears so well. Hoping to find another occasion to wear it soon!


As we speak I’ve got my bags packed (spoiler: with quite a few of the pieces below) – I’ve mentioned it before but if I’m lucky enough to be traveling at the start of a season I love to use it as an excuse to pick up some new items that I’ll then continue to wear throughout the months ahead. This trip I really leaned into a simplified color palette and classic styles that feel fitting for where we’re headed but that I also know will quickly become wardrobe staples once we’re back home in New York.