Time is a slippery fish this year but never more so than this past month of June. Between a big promotion (me), a birthday (Adam), running a half marathon (me again), a weekend at the lake, attending the Tony Awards, 4 photoshoot days at work, and I don’t know.. I guess a little bit of sleep here and there, the month just flew by. I’m so looking forward to headed to the lake house mid-week and spending the 4th of July there as a chance to catch my breath before we dive head first into the next two months of summer. Hope you all have fun and/or relaxing plans of your own! Below, what’s on my mind, on my bookshelf and in my cart before we get away.


  • We don’t watch a ton of TV in the summer but Season 3 of The Bear is back and I can’t wait to start it! Otherwise I might try and catch The Bikeriders in theaters – reminds me of my grandfather who was in a motorcycle club (gang?) in the 40s/50s. Picture Austin Butler but with jet black hair.
  • We’re about to hit the 1 year marker on what I’ve been lovingly calling ‘My Year of Health and Habits’ – I’ve been drafting a personal reflection post on the somewhat significant changes I’ve made and my outlook going forward. Will likely hit publish later this week.
  • I’ve never considered myself particularly good at doing my own hair but lately I’ve settled into a 3-step process that’s yielding nice results (to note: I have fine hair but a lot of it, with a slight natural wave): Step 1: use this thickening spray from John Freida; Step 2: blow dry to about 90% with this T3 hairdryer; Step 3: roll into these ceramic rollers from The Hair Edit and let sit while I do my make-up. A little hairspray, unroll and voila! The finished result is nice and smooth with some bounce/volume to it.
  • One of the goals on my Summer Bucket List was to visit 3 new restaurants and 3 new bars, I only checked off one in June! The Upper West Sides’ trendy new Bad Roman – we only had time to grab drinks at the bar before the Tony Awards but the ones we ordered were delicious and the interiors were so fun. We want to go back for dinner asap! This month we’ve got long-awaited reservations at Minetta Tavern (a NY institution that we’ve still never tried) and Adam is desperate to try Hamburger America.


  • I’m 4 books into my 2024 Summer Reading List – need to get a move on! I’m hoping this long weekend at the lake I can really make a dent in it and am packing Real Americans by Rachel Khong and Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld + a few more that aren’t on the list. Whoops!
  • From the aforementioned list, all ones that I’ve read so far have been miraculously 4 stars or above for me! Highlights include The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher – a family drama published in 1987 (a good year if I do say so myself), The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo – a historical fiction with magical realism and romance mixed in, and I’m Mostly Here to Enjoy Myself by Glynnis MacNicol – a memoir of a single woman in her late 40s reclaiming her life post-2020 with a trip to Paris. They couldn’t have been more different (which I love in my reading life) and they were each fantastic in their own right.
  • While I like think I read fairly diversely all year long, I always try to squeeze in a book by an LGBTQ author during Pride month. I picked up Old Enough by Haley Jakobson at Strand a couple of weeks ago – a YA-ish novel exploring the messiness of college relationships – and am really liking it so far. It’s a quick read and I’m guessing it will be the first one I finish at the lake.


  • So. many. sales. I try to be really mindful when I’m shopping end of season sales – sure, it’s a great price – but is it filling a gap in my wardrobe? Can I style it multiple ways with things I already own? Will I be able to wear it not just in summer but also possibly into fall as well? Luckily (or unluckily for my budget) – I’m adding plenty of things to my cart that tick all of these boxes.
  • First up – the best sale I’ve ever seen at Larroudé (I’ve been coveting their shoes for ages) – I grabbed these denim mules – I love that they’re an on trend material in a timeless silhouette. I can already think of at least 3 ways I’ll wear them now through September.
  • Next up – I wanted to grab a few new pieces to add to my workout wardrobe as I find myself constantly having to wash sports bras and shorts right now. For the price, I don’t think you can beat Old Navy activewear right now – I grabbed these cherry red shorts and matching tank bra, this navy skort and this matching high support sports bra (why are those never cute? this one is).
  • Speaking of sports, I can’t wait for the Summer Olympics in Paris. I’ll be wearing this cute USA Swimming hat in patriotic spirit.
  • I’ve been really rethinking how I want to dress at work lately. I’m a lot of people’s boss these days, and so I want to look chic and polished and ‘in charge’ so to speak – but I also want to feel like me.. fun, not too stuffy and creative/fashionable. This Ulla Johnson dress (on major sale) fits the bill really nicely. I’m going to keep watching the price – but this espresso hued leather skirt is also a knock-out.
  • In that same vein – I just picked up a chocolate brown linen midi dress and olive crinkled satin top from J.Crew that I can’t wait to wear and grabbed my beloved Weston trousers from Talbots (I own them in black and red already) in a beautiful ivory crepe – all 3 pieces on major sale right now. To note: I find the trousers run a bit large so size down if you can – I need to have mine taken in at the tailer – but then they’re perfect.
  • At the start of the year I was resolved to build a belt wardrobe and I’m starting to make a dent in it. Almost every outfit looks better to me with a nice belt. This woven leather one was perfect over the aforementioned chocolate linen dress and is on sale now for less than $50.
  • Since all of the above is shockingly practical – how swoon-worthy is this party skirt? I love the idea of it with a simple white t-shirt or crewneck sweater and then knock-out heels. Don’t threaten me with a good time.


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