LET’S CATCH UP 7.24.21

It’s been a long week. A long month really. But I’ve finally got my feet propped up, watching the Tokyo Olympics and thought I’d catch up. Below – what’s been on my mind, on my bookshelf and in my cart lately.


  • When I’m not rooting for team USA this weekend (how can you not be charmed by Simone Biles?!?), I’m hoping to go to the movies and see Roadrunner in theaters, the documentary about Anthony Bourdain.
  • My sister and I booked a weekend away at the end of August and I can’t wait to hop on a plane to go sip cocktails poolside for a couple of days. I’ll definitely be packing these heels (shown above) that are miraculously comfortable after a year spent largely in slippers. Code: STEELE15 gets you 15% if you want to try the brand for yourself.
  • After realizing I was spending wayyy too much time on my phone in the evenings, I wanted to find something to do with my hands while I could still watch TV with Adam. I ordered an embroidery kit from a small, female owned British brand – The Fabled Thread – and have been having the best time slowing stitching in the evenings. It’s going to take me awhile since it’s pretty intricate but it’s so satisfying watching it come together.


  • I hate reading on a Kindle or iPad, but I tried listening to audiobooks for the first time ever this year (borrowed from the NYPL using the Libby app) and with the right book and the right circumstances, I surprisingly love them! I’m currently listening to Yearbook, Seth Rogan’s memoir, which is narrated by him. He has such a distinct voice and hearing him read it allows for comedic timing, so the jokes really land. It’s highly enjoyable so far.
  • In actual hard copy books – I finished Florence Adler Swims Forever this week. It’s the story of a Jewish family living in Atlantic City in the 1930s and an event that sets in motion a series of family secrets and change. I really liked this one – I feel like fans of WWII era historical fiction (Lilac Girls comes to mind) would like this a lot.
  • And I’m nearly done Nobody Will Tell You This But Me by Bess Kalb. It’s a memoir from the perspective of her grandmother (as told to Bess throughout her life). Not only is it a really interesting way to write a book, her grandmother and their relationship is so, so special and reminds me a lot of my own late grandmother. I’m flying through it and already don’t want it to end.
  • I’m just about halfway through my Summer Reading List and will share reviews on the books I’ve ticked off so far tomorrow! I started Libertie today and so far so good.


  • I’ve been really conscious these past couple of years of trying to build a wardrobe that I’ll love and wear for a long time to come. Part of that has meant leaving behind most of the fast fashion that I shopped in my 20s and discovering and investing in brands with higher quality and a much better fit. I’ve had my eye on Veronica Beard blazers for ages now and their summer sale is an extra 20% off. How chic is this collarless black blazer? I’d keep this in my closet forever.
  • Why are great jeans (that aren’t like $300) so hard to find? I recently bought this wide leg pair and judging by the reaction in my DMs – you all loved them. I’m also likely going to pick up this slightly more relaxed pair from a brand that I know and love for quality denim.
  • I’d wear this cute little checked cardigan set with cut-off jean shorts now and with those wide leg jeans and suede mules later this Fall.
  • I’m almost ashamed to admit that I haven’t made the switch to ‘clean’ beauty products with so many great options out there – but after noticing my usual mascara was starting to bother my eyes after long days, I was more than happy to try Merit Beauty’s Clean Lash Mascara when they reached out to me. I’ve only been using for a few days, but so far so good! And it doesn’t hurt that their packaging is wayyy prettier than my usual drugstore brand.