I knew at the start of this year that it was going to be a big one in terms of my full time job – with the busiest season being this summer. Which can make it hard to feel as carefree as the rest of the world seems to with restrictions finally loosened up and summer vacations in full swing. That being said – I’m excited about the work I’m doing and am trying my best to squeeze in some fun moments wherever I can.

Day trips out to the beach. Hopefully making it back to the lake. Working my way through my summer reading list and making time for my new embroidery hobby. Planning a weekend getaway with my sister for late August. Basically eeking out any spare moments I can during the rest of July and August for a bit of relaxation and enjoying summer weather. And I expect to be wearing this simple, button-front midi dress for much of it. It’s light as air and smocked in the back so it’s super comfortable.

If you’re reading this and are in a less busy season of life – savor summer for me, will you?