Is it selfish to kick off my holiday content with a personal gift wishlist? Don’t answer that. To be fair, I’m only planning to share two gift guides this year. The first is this one – a ‘just for fun’ round-up of things that I’d love to see under the tree this year, but in all reality will probably purchase for myself at some point because that’s adulthood for you. Ha. And secondly (and the one I’m most excited about) a big gift guide for books which will be coming soon. I personally find myself wanting to buy less and less each holiday season, but I do think a couple of well-chosen items that feel unique to the person you’re gifting are always appreciated.

  1. Expressie Nail Polish: I haven’t had a proper manicure since February, but I like to think in all this time I’ve gotten better at doing them myself. I’ve heard good thing about this fast dry Essie options and would love some new colors in my stocking.
  2. The Koop New York Candles: I came across this Black-owned, NYC based small business earlier in the year and have basically had at least one of their candles lit ever since. Working from home feels calmer and cozier when I have a great scent to surround me.
  3. Apple AirPods: I’m a decidedly late adopter of new technology and figured if my old headphones weren’t broke.. why replace them. But since I’ve been home so much or going on walks around town – it really would be nice to not have to deal with the ever present hassle of cords.
  4. Party Puzzle: If 2020 has given us anything, it’s a far superior selection of jigsaw puzzles than ever before. I would save this champagne scene for staying in on NYE. Which in all likelihood is exactly what we’ll be doing.
  5. Colorful Taper Candles: I’m usually fairly traditional when it comes to taper candles and stick to classic white but I love these olive green ones to put on the mantle in our bedroom as a subtle pop of color.
  6. Holiday Tea Tins: I have been drinking more hot tea than ever this year at home and I have always coveted the fancy Harvey & Sons tea tins but never spring for them myself. This set of 4 holiday flavors would make an afternoon cup feel extra special.
  7. Henley Pajama Set: My pajama drawer has seen better days. I like this cute and cozy striped set for lounging or sleeping on cold winter nights.
  8. Diamond Signet Ring: I buy far less costume jewelry than I used to, instead wanting to carefully add pieces to my collection that I’ll keep for life. This 14k solid gold signet ring with a tiny diamond is just the thing.
  9. ‘The Best of Me’ by David Sedaris: A greatest hits collection of Sedaris’ essays throughout the years chosen by the author himself. I’m such a huge fan of his work and would love to get my hands on a signed copy.
  10. Roman Pendant Necklace: Same sentiment as the ring above. I love this Roman coin style pendant necklace on it’s one or layered with some of my other favorite pieces.
  11. Tortoiseshell Popsocket: When I got my new phone a few months ago I never replaced the popsocket on the back and sorely miss it now. A small thing, but it’s on the wishlist!
  12. Shearling Snow Boots: I probably need these the least but they’re so pretty and just look incredibly cozy. And that’s all you need to sell me on something this winter when the furthest I’ll likely be going is to the corner store.
  13. Trouser Socks: Call me boring but I always hope someone buys me socks for Christmas because I hate buying them myself. Adam and my Mom usually take care of me and make sure I’m not wearing hole-ridden pairs year after year. Bless them.