I first want to preface this with the fact that for the past 4 weeks of quarantine I haven’t bought a single thing for myself outside of essential groceries. I was trapped somewhere between wanting to support the economy and feeling scared to spend an extra dollar. It felt frivolous and out of touch to be shopping when the city was collapsing around me and the small business where I work was struggling to stay afloat. But yesterday I suddenly had a craving for the frivolous. Something to look forward to and imagine myself wearing outside of the confines of my apartment at some point in the future. Something to celebrate the spring weather that’s slowly making its way to New York.

And so I put together this round-up and I just might treat myself to one or two of the items from the list. That’s what feels right for me today. But let me just say – if you’re not in that same place, please feel free to skip this post. Maybe instead you’d like this post on Financial Planning During a Pandemic or my latest Steele Maiden Book Club round-up. I say – find what works for you right now.. and ignore the rest.