I’ve struggled to think what to post here lately, as any regular content seems somehow frivolous. Aside from my “to-do list” during this time at home and my tips for pandemic financial planning.. I’m at a loss. But I did think a round-up of what’s on my mind felt appropriate so I hope you’ll indulge me. And more than anything, I hope you all are staying well.

  1. I’m not sure what the “ideal” scenario would be for this all… but I have to imagine I’m close to it. No children to try to juggle while I work from home, a comfortable home, a partner I truly do like. But still.. this is testing us. I liked this article on How to Stay Married During a Pandemic.
  2. The first week or so we were in lockdown I really had trouble focusing on reading. But lately I’ve found my groove and am on my fifth book! I’m currently reading Writers & Lovers via e-book thanks to Scribd.com which is offering a free 30 day trial right now. They’ve got tons of new releases on audiobooks and e-books! And if you need more books in your life (and don’t we all?), I’ve got a #bookstagram account now!
  3. It certainly doesn’t solve anything but internet humor really does seem to help, no? I liked this fan fiction scene that someone wrote about how Frasier, Niles & Marty would deal in this scenario. (found via Cup of Jo).
  4. Aside from re-watching Mad Men from the beginning and obviously flying through Tiger King (still shook honestly) – we just started Fleabag on Amazon Prime. If you haven’t seen it, I’d describe it as Sex & The City Season 1 meets Shameless.. but British. Only 3 episodes in and we’re hooked!
  5. I think it’s tough to be creative or even very productive during this time – but @annstreetstudio and @krystal_bick are two influencers that I’ve been so inspired by these past couple of weeks – creating beauty and unique content despite the constraints of the current situation.

(Wearing Camp Shirt + Marilyn Jeans gifted from NYDJ – right now they’re offering 25% off sitewide and donating 10% of profits to the United Way Covid-19 relief efforts)