There’s something infinitely chic to me about brown croc print accessories – and I’m seeing them pop up everywhere this fall. I sadly don’t think I’m going to have all that many occasions to get dressed up this season, but even a bag like this one (a bit of a higher price point but I love it and know that I’ll be carrying it for years to come) dresses up a simple pair of jeans and sweater in a way that feels sophisticated and effortless. Below – my favorites that I’ve spotted around the internet.

10 Brown Croc Accessories for Fall:


I’m never one to wish away summer, but every year around mid-August I start to get the craving for Fall styles. Something about the promise of a new season, no? Below, the styles I have my eye on, that can be worn now and right on into fall.


  • This ‘Pretty Woman’-esque dress is calling my name and is on major sale right now (just $50!). No further explanation necessary.
  • I don’t have much occasion lately for statement earrings but these classic gold link earrings are perfect for instantly adding a touch of polish to your look. They’d be great for Zoom calls.
  • A timely vote t-shirt – all proceeds go to the ACLU.
  • I’ve been swooning over domed and signet rings lately to offset my daintier everyday pieces. This one is super affordable and can be engraved while this one is a bit pricier (around $200) but feels like a forever piece. And don’t get me started on this ‘croissant’ ring!
  • This plaid tie front blouse feels a little bit 1970s cool, a little bit British schoolgirl. Aka – my sweet spot.
  • I don’t see the need for face masks going away any time soon. I desperately need a couple more in my rotation and like these transitional floral prints.
  • The silk slip skirt is a trend that I didn’t immediately think was for me – but last year I picked up a black version and loved how versatile it was. I’d style this rust-hued one with a simple tee shirt now or a chunky sweater later.
  • I’ll be honest, my heels haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time. And I don’t know if fall is going to change that. Instead – I’m looking for cute flats for walking around town. These leopard sneakers are fun and these pretty gold ballet flats feel like they’re just begging to be taken to Paris someday.
  • Blame it on Taylor Swift’s ‘Cardigan‘ but all I want is a cozy knit sweater with a vintage feel. I think I’d wear this navy anchor version for years to come.
  • I, for one, am still not over headbands. This plaid one would look just as cute with a bathing suit as it would with a fall blazer.
  • If you’re in the market for a new purse this fall – might I suggest this classic option, in an impossibly chic ‘cappuccino‘ hue. I have a few bags from this brand and the quality and wearability far exceeds the cost.
  • If you’re not in the market for a new purse, one of my favorite ways to dress up an existing bag is by tying a fun scarf to the handle. The print on this one looks convincingly vintage and adds a nice pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.


I first want to preface this with the fact that for the past 4 weeks of quarantine I haven’t bought a single thing for myself outside of essential groceries. I was trapped somewhere between wanting to support the economy and feeling scared to spend an extra dollar. It felt frivolous and out of touch to be shopping when the city was collapsing around me and the small business where I work was struggling to stay afloat. But yesterday I suddenly had a craving for the frivolous. Something to look forward to and imagine myself wearing outside of the confines of my apartment at some point in the future. Something to celebrate the spring weather that’s slowly making its way to New York.

And so I put together this round-up and I just might treat myself to one or two of the items from the list. That’s what feels right for me today. But let me just say – if you’re not in that same place, please feel free to skip this post. Maybe instead you’d like this post on Financial Planning During a Pandemic or my latest Steele Maiden Book Club round-up. I say – find what works for you right now.. and ignore the rest.



There are few things that soften the blow of summer’s impending end to me.. but fall footwear is one of them. This past weekend I felt the first of fall’s cool air creep in and promptly did what any rational New York woman would do.. I went shoe shopping. The picture above shows the two perfect pairs I snagged and the rest I’ll just be dreaming about from now until when fall truly shows up. I’m not rushing it though.



Is it just me or is the selection of bags available in the world right now especially good? I’ve been making such a point of being really careful with how I shop so far this year – only buying things when I know that they’re filling a gap in my existing wardrobe or can be worn a handful of ways – but a fun summer bag definitely meets those qualifications. Even with a simple cotton dress or jeans and a tee, any one of these bags would completely make the outfit. My favorites are this seventies-style wooden bead bag, this fun gingham fabric bag, this colorful vintage clutch and this seersucker lined straw tote (which I just got in and it’s even better in person). It’s going to take quite a bit of self control to not scoop of an armful of these babies.