Happy May! I always feel like late April/early May is when my year begins in earnest. The weather is cooperating more consistently, everything is in bloom here in New York, I’ve got some sun on my skin (thanks to Palm Springs), and a birthday on the horizon. What can I say.. I’m a true Taurus. Below, what’s on my mind, on my bookshelf and in my cart as we head into the week ahead.


  • We leave in 2 days for our next trip. I’m definitely feeling the crunch of that as I try to plan for a new destination for us, work is buzzing and I’m still desperately hoping a couple of online orders arrive in time.. but c’est la vie! Or I suppose this time I should I say.. Così è la vita?!
  • After a few months of solid training, my sister and I ran Philly’s Broad Street 10 mile race this morning. While it rained all morning as we corralled at the starting line, it held off for the actual race and we both felt good the whole time. Feels like I’m ready for a half marathon in June next! I know it seems obvious but it’s on days like today where it hits me that all of the little habits of the past 10 months have suddenly added up to big changes in my strength and how I feel overall.
  • I’ve been saying this for a few years now, but I really want to start being a person that wears perfume – at least occasionally. YSL Beauty just sent me a bottle of their Libre scent and it feels like 7PM on a Saturday to me. Golden hour light, a vinyl on the record player and I’m sipping a drink, getting ready for a dinner date. It’s musky (which I love) but kind of softens into something slightly more floral as you wear it.


  • I’m 17 books into the year so far and after focusing most of the winter on the books I already owned, I suddenly have a lot of newly bought books stacking up again! Oops! I think I’m diving into debut novel Worry by Alexandra Tanner – a story of two sisters that I’ve heard compared to the old HBO show Girls.
  • Book of the Month sent me a free trial of 5 books from their online subscription service and I can honestly say – I was really pleasantly surprised at their offering. I grabbed a rom-com, thriller, historical fiction, contemporary fiction and book of short stories – all that I’d been eyeing lately at the bookstore but didn’t want to shell out for the regular hard cover prices on. For $16.99 a month you can pick a new release hard cover (or any of their back list options!) and you can always skip a month free of charge. For people looking to read more (I hear this from so many of you!) this feels like such a great option. If you sign-up now you can get your first month for just $5 with code: PETALS.
  • My friend Ellen and I checked out Bibliotheque in Soho on Wednesday – the buzzy new book bar on Mercer Street. It can get super crowded but we made a reservation and on a weeknight it was nice and quiet by the time we had our apps and glasses of rosé. So fun to be able to have a drink in a space that feels like someone’s gorgeous personal library.. and then you can shop the shelves after! We both picked up Funny Story by Emily Henry. I love kicking off my summer reading with one of Henry’s reliably fun rom-coms.
  • I mentioned this on Instagram but I ended up reading 3 back to back 5 star books recently – which almost never happens! All very different and – in retrospect – all pretty sad in context (but also all with great moments of levity) – I loved these: Grief is for People by Sloane Crosley (a story of loss), Good Material by Dolly Alderton (a break-up story that felt like the modern High Fidelity) and The Things they Carried by Tim O’Brien (a backlist title from the 90s about O’Brien’s time in the Vietnam War). I told you they weren’t light! But they were all fantastic.


  • Admittedly, I’ve been known to want to pack too many pairs of shoes for travel.. but these black raffia wedges kind of feel like unicorns and I’m planning on pairing them with a solid half of the outfits I’m packing. 40% off this weekend too!
  • I feel like I’m preaching to the choir but the new arrivals at J.Crew feel like they just keep getting better and better. I grabbed this sailor style sweater for our trip – will wear on the plane and throw over mini dresses if the morning temps are cooler.
  • Here in the city, all the 20 somethings are wearing boxer short style shorts this spring. I’m not against the trend for running errands or an afternoon in the part – but think I like it best for me when paired with more classic pieces, like this easy linen button down shirt and classic ballet flats.
  • I’m loving the look of all the cute exercise dresses and skirts on the market these days – after we get back from travel I want to place a test order on a couple – how cute is this one and this one? Do I need to take up tennis?!
  • With all of the running lately my skin has been more fickle than usual – I just dipped into my back-up supply of these Elemis resurfacing facial pads. I find they really help make my skin feel extra clean after I wash it and help to smooth things out.
  • I naturally gravitate towards dresses, but I’m trying to remind myself to pick up tops when I think of it – as I always feel it’s what’s sort of missing from my wardrobe. I think this off the shoulder one and this sweet button down one will be great for mixing and matching this summer.


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  1. Congratulations on the Broad St run! Sorry the weather was not better! I live outside of Philadelphia and it’s such a great event!

    1. Thanks so much! It could have been worse and we had a good time regardless. Was nice to be able to wear my Phillies hat back on home turf too 🙂

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