I know, I know.. we’re a month into Fall already – but between the wedding madness, the honeymoon escape from reality and then the hectic return to work – I’m really just now getting to catch my breath and try to really hit pause. I want to soak in this little newlywed season alongside the fall season that I love so much here in New York. Below – a short list of joy-inducing things I’m looking forward to over the next month.

  • Catching up on Shows + Movies – I want to watch the new season of Only Murders in the Building + Sex Education and I’m hoping to fit in a few favorite fall movies (You’ve Got Mail, Practical Magic) alongside a few new ones (A Haunting in Venice looks perfect for spooky season and I’ve got screening tickets for The Holdover in a couple of weeks)
  • Baking/Cooking – I cook out of necessity but not because I love it, but this time of year I do think it’s fun to make a few seasonal favorites like pumpkin bread and turkey chili. So what if the bread is from a box, it’s the thought that counts, right?!
  • Reading (!!) – I obviously love to read all year round but Fall reading is elite tier. I have barely read a word in the past month, but I just picked up the first book in my fall stack (Alice Hoffman’s The Invisible Hour) and I can’t wait to spend the next month leaning in heavily to my TBR stack.
  • Increased Running – I’ve been in a really good running groove this year and I’m looking forward to add on a bit of mileage now that my life is *slightly* less busy and the weather has so nicely cooled.
  • Fall Foliage – While I’d like to have even 1 full weekend at home sometime this month, we’re headed to the lake this upcoming weekend to close up the cabin for the winter. The good news (besides the fact that it’s always nice to be at the lake) is that the leaves should be pretty close to peak color so I can bask in the foliage while I haul the dock out of the water.
  • Slow Weekends at Home – Will I ever get one? Only time will tell, but man would I kill for a sleep in Saturday. Chili in the crockpot, pumpkin bread in the oven. A good book, candles lit, and a seasonal movie to watch. Bliss.
  • Our 1 Month Wedding Anniversary – Still a couple of weeks away, but how fun to have something new to celebrate?!

Also – this entire outfit is 30% off in Talbots Friends & Family Sale starting Wednesday 10/18 + they just launched the first of their holiday collections. You all know it’s one of my favorite places to find classic wardrobe pieces that feel feminine yet modern so now is a great time to stock up. This entire outfit is comprised of pieces I know I’ll mix and match all season long – a timeless suede tote in rich chocolate, a perfect layering cashmere sweater, super easy to wear straight leg jeans, platforms heels (I’m obsessed with these!!) and a chic little jacket in a fun green plaid.


Thanks to Talbots for kindly gifting these pieces and for your support of brands I love!