LET’S CATCH UP 4.30.23

As is often the case in the winter, I needed a little break from this space. Two months worth of space it seems. But (as also is often the case) as we head into spring, I’m starting to feel like myself again and with it I feel like I can return to somewhat regularly scheduled programing here. Or at the very least a little game of catch up. Below, what’s on my mind, on my bookshelf and in my cart as we head into one of my favorite months of the year. Ready for you May!


  • I’m really proud of my slow but steady return to running this year and am tentatively thinking of getting a half marathon on the books for later this year. I’m admittedly a little scared to commit to the training again (the last one I ran was over 5 years ago) but I also know how great it feels to set a big goal like that and achieve it. Putting this all here to hold myself accountable?
  • We re-started The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel from season 1 so that we could re-watch the whole series before finishing with the newest (and final) season that just premiered. It’s such a visual treat (the interiors, the clothing!) and I can’t wait to see how they wrap the whole thing up. No spoilers please.
  • Also – I rewatched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days last week and I’ve gotta say.. Kate Hudson’s outfits in that movie really hold up for me. I loved them in 2003 (no coincidence that my junior prom dress in 2004 was yellow) and 20 years later, I still want them all.
  • And speaking of movies, I saw Polite Society in theaters this weekend and LOVED it. Such an original premise and laugh out loud funny, but with a heartwarming story of female strength, the bond between sisters and girlhood friendships at its core. Can’t recommend enough.
  • T-minus two weeks until my date with the T-Swift tour. That’s all.


  • I’ve been slowly working my way through Trust by Hernan Diaz. Centered around the 1929 stock market crash it’s a more demanding literary read, but I’m fascinated by the structure of the book and where it’s taking me. I’ll report back when I’m done.
  • My book club is reading The Furrows by Nawali Serpell this month, a brother/sister story exploring themes of grief, family and memory.
  • This might only be interesting if you’re a student of/deep fan of fashion but I’m reading Champagne Supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and the 90s Renegades Who Remade Fashion by Maureen Callahan and it’s so fun to deep dive into that time in NYC and London and how the fashion world was evolving out of the 80s supermodel/dynasty era into the world of grunge/minimalism. I like having a non-fiction book to chip away at while I read primarily fiction.
  • Jeanette Walls, author of The Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses (both of which I loved), just came out with a new work of fiction – Hang the Moon. Set in Virginia during Prohibition and centered on a strong female protaganist.. this sounds like it’s going to check all the boxes for me. Diving into it next!


  • In a somewhat surreal turn of events, over the course of the next two weeks I have not one but two Black Tie events to attend, both for work. The first of which is this Wednesday and I’ll be borrowing this chic bag to carry and hoping that these shoes that I ordered complete with the look!
  • And speaking of shoes, I ordered these silver platforms to see if I think they’ll be comfortable enough for 3 hours of dancing at the Eras Tour. If you missed it I ordered this mirrorball of a dress and am still just swooning at the thought of wearing it. Otherwise, I’ll go with Converse sneakers for a fun high/low look.
  • Okay, okay now for some more relatable fashion. I love this classic checked midi skirt. Sneakers, heels, t-shirt, a cardigan – there’s nothing it won’t go with for work or weekend. I love the idea of pairing it with this shrunken vest.
  • I’ve got summer dresses in mind – this one and this one in particular. Could the weather cooperate now?