LET’S CATCH UP 11.6.21

It’s been, frankly, a week. I commuted into my office in Brooklyn 4 days instead of 2 this week, had plans after work more nights than not and, thanks to a Covid-exposure – I had to cancel a flight I was supposed to take today at the last minute. I’m fine (tested negative), but exercising an abundance of caution because of where I was headed. As I said, it’s really been a week.

Regardless – it’s set to be a pretty fall weekend here in New York and I’ve got some really fun blog stuff on the agenda to shoot and get prepped to share. Here – the rest of what’s on my mind, on my bookshelf and in my shopping cart.


  • I saw The French Dispatch (the new Wes Anderson movie) in theaters the other weekend and, as expected, loved it. It’s extremely dense… stories within stories within stories. Meaning you could watch it multiple times and notice something different each time. But mainly, it’s an ode to creatives. And expats in France. And Timothe√© Chalamet. What’s not to love? I’m hoping to catch Spencer – the Princess Diana movie starring Kristen Stewart this weekend.
  • I’m really trying to wrap my head around the fact that there’s only about 7 weeks left of this year. This is my friendly reminder to check in on your finances. Do you have enough budgeted for holiday spending? Are you within reach of the yearly goals you set? There’s still time to pivot if need be. And if you need extra help – here’s a post I wrote at the start of this year about prioritizing your personal finances.
  • While I’m by no means a master chef, I do like to have a handful of tried and true recipes that are easy to make and I know we’ll like – this soup recipe from blogger Liz Adams always hits the spot on a chilly night. I’m planning to put it on the menu for this upcoming week.


  • I’ve been in a bit of a book rut this past month. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that work is crazy busy or after a long year I’m just too tired to mentally connect. Short stories always feel like a nice alternative to longer fiction when I feel this way – and I just started Five Tuesdays in Winter by Lily King. So far, so good.
  • Next week my virtual book club is chatting about Mrs. March. It takes place in New York around Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s so it’s well-timed. But don’t expect warm and fuzzy festive feelings. It’s a strange psychological thriller about one woman’s inner unraveling. I really liked it but you’ll want to read something light afterwards.
  • Speaking of light, I love a holiday-themed rom-com this time of year. The Ex Hex was SO cute (think Practical Magic meets Gilmore Girls) and I just picked up a handful of Christmas-themed books (plus one for Hanukkah!) that I’ll review later this month. Here’s my round-up from last year.
  • This coffee table book – English Designers At Home – would make a great gift for that friend of yours that dreams of running away to the Cotswolds someday. Ahem.. me.


  • I really like Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I love Christmas. Which means I’m not above decorating early. How cute is this city brownstone ornament? While we won’t get a tree until after Thanksgiving, I might break out a bit of garland soon.
  • After last holiday season, mainly spent tucked away at home, I’m eager to celebrate in classic New York fashion this year. I’m thinking tickets to see the Nutcracker and this bow top with a vintage party skirt?
  • Speaking of festive – I’m absolutely torn between these mary-jane heels in patent silver or perky plaid. And by torn I mean I’m close to buying both. Help.
  • It’s suddenly very much coat weather here in New York. I’m going to be sharing a few next week, including this chic black and white option that can be dressed up or down.
  • I always find myself needing new pajamas this time of year and want ones that feel comfy, look nice and are reasonably priced. Plus I prefer shorts with a long-sleeved top. It’s a specific ask. These could be winners.