I wish I had something more profound to go along with this post – but my brain is actual mush after this work week and really, all I have to say is that I like this outfit.


There’s a lot of red and sequins and blatantly “holiday” things that can be worn this time of year (and trust me, I love that too) – but sometimes it’s nice to have an outfit that is a little less traditional and a little more subtle. Maybe you have an office luncheon that’s not super fancy or celebrate Hanukkah and have to weed through all of the red and green in stores – or like me, want to dress just slightlyyy festive for regular work days without looking like a walking jingle bell. Whatever your reason – I think this outfit could solve your problem. While also being classic and chic.

In fact, these photos were taken in the West Village and I like to think if the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel herself were still wandering about town she’d wear something like this. Side note: is anyone else exhibiting alll the self control not to just binge the whole third season in a day? I’m trying to parse it out and have only watched the first episode so far.

That being said – prepare yourself for the sequins because they’re coming next week. ‘Tis the season is what they say, no?