Weekend Workouts with Lucy Activewear

Whether you made a resolution to finally get back into that gym routine, try a new fitness class or just are trying to work off a few of those Christmas cookies (insert me raising my hand here) – it always helps me find a little extra motivation when I’ve got new fitness gear. Here, my tried and true favorites:


I look for pieces that are warm but lightweight and easily packable for fitting in a gym bag. A half zip pullover or quilted vest are great layering pieces for outdoor workouts or just getting to and from the gym.


I used to go the cheap route here, but to be honest, after trying out slightly more premium options I don’t think I’ll ever go back when it comes to running leggings. These are so truly comfortable, moisture wicking and don’t wear out even after tons of wear and washing. But if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, these are on sale and work well for weight training or other lower intensity activities.


Perhaps the most important layer – I have a variety based on activity. This maximum support option comes in cup sizes and are favorites for running, this medium support option works well for cycling or circuit training, and this low impact option is nice for barre classes or hot yoga.


My main concerns are soft and lightweight here – which luckily you can usually find on the cheap. A step up from your old freebie t-shirts but still totally affordable.


A well-stocked gym bag isn’t complete without hair ties, a water bottle, and a fitness tracker.


I’ve worn this exact pair for almost 5 years now (I keep buying the same pair, currently on 3rd generation), so I firmly suggest finding your ‘sole mate’ and sticking to it. I use them for running and all other higher impact workouts, and then use these for getting to and from yoga, barre or cycling classes.


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