With just 5 days left until my great American road trip begins, packing is accounting for much of my time.  While the fun part is determining what I’ll wear window shopping in Charleston or for a night out in New Orleans, the less thrilling yet much more important part is what I’ll wear to survive long hours on the road in between.  My thoughts so far include variations on the above: a stylish shoe that’s easy to slip on and off, jeans with some give, a casual graphic tee (this one is from the little boys department!), a scarf to account for the a/c vs. windows conundrum and a bag that’s easy to grab at pit stops.  The result should hopefully be a look that airs on the side of a wind blown and wide eyed Kate Moss instead of a beleaguered vagabond.  

(1. DV suede boots; 2. J.Crew Boys T-shirt; 3. Gap jeans; 4. AE scarf; 5. Ebay Vintage Coach bag