As summer dwindles to an end (seriously how did this happen.. again?), I can’t help but wish for lazy days soaking up the last of the sun.  How perfect would it be to wake up to that classic New York view from the Mandarin Oriental?  Then spend hours in bed reading ‘The Beautiful Fall’ (a book frivolous enough to be ‘summer reading’-worthy, but substantial enough to make it one of my favorites). And finally, spend a long afternoon window shopping wearing these beauties from Anthropologie (perfect now with a floaty dress, and into fall with skinny jeans and nubby sweaters).     

(p.s. this is my first installment of Lust, Must, Trust.. but I’m hoping to make it a regular series!)

(Lust: Mandarin Oriental; Must: Anthro Boots; Trust (me): The Beautiful Fall by Alice Drake)