It took me about four hours on the first “work from home” day to realize I needed to make a change to my desk space.. and quickly. Since Adam and I both work full time in an office, the desk and chair that is tucked into the corner of our bedroom was used solely as a storage space for stacks of books or laundry, depending on the day. After two years in our apartment, it’s the area that got the least use and therefore had demanded the least attention. Below, the “before” shot. Eek.

And then March 13, 2020 rolled around and everything changed. Suddenly I found myself painfully squinting in the mid-day sun at my computer screen, not wanting to close the blinds because they made me feel even more isolated from the world outside my window. I knew the space needed curtains for function and I knew it needed personality – for my sanity.

I hustled to order quick ship draperies and hardware from Calico Corners and after an easy install, love the way the rich, navy fabric adds depth and how it softens the light while still letting me see out to the city around me.

Without wanting to spend more on things that weren’t exactly “essential” right now – I borrowed from other spaces in the apartment to fill in the space. A lamp from our entryway to add light when I work late, plants and artwork from the mantle to give this corner some life, a basket on the floor beside me to organize all those scattered books.

I’d love to add a patterned pillow for back support down the line and maybe switch up the artwork, but for now – I’m happy to spend my days in a space that feels much more functional – and aesthetically pleasing. Even within the confines of this strange new reality. Below the “after” shot. Muchhh better, right?

Head to Calico Corners blog to see the full guest post I did with them today – and thanks for having me Calico!