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The Steele Maiden: On Trend Fall Accessories and Shoes Under $100

Western. Animal Print. 1980s. If these trends sound a little bit intimidating to you – you’re certainly not alone. The trends are BIG this Fall and it takes more than a little bit of fashion confidence to pull those off. My best advice? Dip your toes into the trendy waters with accessories instead. They can freshen up even the simplest sweater and jeans combo and make it look completely Fall 2018 without looking like you tried to nail every trend at once.

Want to try the Western trend? How about a wide brim wool hat or a pair of suede booties. Thinking of taking on animal print? How about a sleek pair of leopard print mules instead of a head to toe look. Want to throw it back to the 80s without looking like you’re going to a costume party? A plaid newsboy cap, white booties or multi-colored statement earrings would all do the trick.

The best part? All of the suggestions below are under $100. Small investment, big impact. Win, win.






The Steele Maiden: On Trend Fall Accessories and Shoes Under $100

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The Steele Maiden: Fall Trend to Try - Tortoiseshell Accessories Under $100

There’s just something about this time of year (when you first start to feel a crispness in the air) that always makes me crave tortoiseshell – so I was thrilled to see that it seems to be popping up everywhere this year. From lightweight statement earrings, (on sale right now!) to chic little pointed toe flats and mod-inspired bags. They feel impossibly chic and even a little bookish… maybe it’s the mental association to tortoiseshell glasses? Regardless it reminds me of something fit for Diane Keaton in Annie Hall or Meg Ryan in the When Harry Met Sally (the image above is from one of my all time favorite New York movie scenes).


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The Steele Maiden: Spring Staples Under $150

Oh hi there! It’s been awhile. But since it finally feels like Winter may be done, I figured it was as good a time as any to pop on and share a few easy (and affordable) options to update your Spring wardrobe. I’m eyeing those tortoise hoops, side button denim dress (just $60) and white straw bag as a way to update my own closet this season. All pieces that feel very right now but also super versatile and like I’ll get a ton of wear out of them all Spring/Summer long.

And while it may still not be quite warm enough in New York for sleeveless dresses, it is warm enough for a chic striped blazer, straight leg jeans and neutral accessories. A simple outfit (as pictured above) that I wore nearly exactly this time 2 years ago and I still repeat often. Fingers crossed for 70 degree days around the corner.

The Steele Maiden: Spring Staples Under $150



The Steele Maiden: Spring Staples Under $150


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The Steele Maiden: Pastel Winter Accessories Under $50

Well helloooo there Friday! The first full 5-day week back at work in 2018 and it passed by in a blur of 10 hour days at my desk… anyone else? Needless to say I’m ready for the weekend.

Likewise, I’m ready for ways to dress up my boring black and grey winter coats. And now that the glitz of the holidays has faded, pastel winter accessories feel like a fresh way to do that. I’m especially into the touches of velvet, hits of lavender/baby blue and fun hats (as evidenced in the above photo). Oh – and everything is under $50 because after December’s indulgences – January is a month that, I think we all can agree, was made for healthy eating and minimal spending.


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The Steele Maiden: 8 Items that will change you life in 2018

I give you – 8 items that will change your life in 2018. Okay, okay – so ‘change you life’ may be a bit dramatic. But I honestly think they all changed mine for the better. And I really believe in surrounding yourself with things that simplify and streamline your life whenever possible and these items do just that. In the chance that you may not be familiar with all of these, I wanted to share. Here’s to living our best lives in 2018.

  1. Tripod & Timer – Even if you’re not a blogger, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve tried to get group shots at family gatherings or a quick snap of Adam and I when we’re traveling and this would have come in handy.
  2. Google Home – I’m not a huge tech person and never gave the term ‘smart home’ much of a thought. Until we were sent a Google Home to try. For the simple fact alone that I can ask it the current weather every morning before I walk to work and tell it to turn on the TV and play a specific show on Netflix – it’s worth having to me.
  3. Quip Toothbrush – I hate the look of regular, neon plastic toothbrushes in our otherwise, neutral bathroom but had never considered going electric. My friends at Azione PR sent me this Quip Toothbrush to try and not only does it look SO much better sitting in my bathroom – but it’s quite honestly the cleanest my teeth have ever felt without going to the dentist. Which is kind of startling. Safe to say I actually look forward to my twice daily brushing now.
  4. The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin – If you only get one thing from this list – get this. Gretchin Rubin is the best-selling author of The Happiness Project which I read nearly 10 years ago and also has a podcast called ‘Happier’ that I highly recommend. But it’s her personality theory called ‘The Four Tendencies’ that changed my life. Basically everyone falls into one of four categories (I’m a classic Upholder while Adam is a by the book Questioner) and once you understand that it makes it SO much easier to understand yourself and those you have close relationships with (boyfriend, boss, etc.) and improve those relationships. For example – I no longer feel frustrated when Adam isn’t quick to make a decision. As a questioner he is just naturally inclined to weigh all of the options SO thoroughly until he finally feels like he’s come to the very best choice (true story: he once spent nearly 2 hours on Yelp trying to find a place to eat in a small town that only had about 10 total options). But it’s who he is as a questioner. So it honestly no longer bothers me at all. In fact, I now find it actually endearing because I recognize it as something that feels innately Adam. Just think if you could do that with everyone in your life?!
  5. Travel Steamer – Another game changer. This steamer has zero bells or whistles but it gets the job done every time. I’ve stopped using an iron all together at home and absolutely never travel without this (it’s also dual voltage so will work abroad). There’s nothing worse to me than a wrinkled dress or sweater that just screams ‘this has been stuffed in my suitcase all day!’.
  6. Dagne Dover Neoprene Backpack – I got this at the end of last year and am so surprised by how often I’ve ended up using it. Dagne Dover is a brand I’ve loved for a few years now – their simple, classic bags are so thoughtfully organized on the inside (think slots for phone and lipstick, an extended clip for your keys so you never have to dig through the bottom of your bag again..). This neoprene backpack comes with me as a carry-on, overnight bag, gym bag and even to work when I need to pack a load like my lunch, laptop and a change of shoes.
  7. Phone Grip/Stand – This is the one I don’t have yet but am dying to get! These little knobs stick on to the back of your phone and gives you something more to hang on to than the slippery edges of a phone and also work as a stand to prop your phone on the table if you’re watching a video or filming a hands-free IG story.
  8. Tile App – Adam got me this for Christmas (most likely after seeing me struggle to find my keys/phone/wallet in the apartment one too many mornings). It’s an app and corresponding chip that you can attach to your keys, stick in your wallet and sync with your phone so you never lose a thing.



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