Here we are. It’s mid-May. Two months into our time at home and this week I celebrated my birthday. While it wasn’t exactly what I would have imagined this time last year, it was a nice day and will certainly be a birthday I’ll remember. The weather finally feels like it might be turning here in New York and I’m looking forward to an extra day off for Memorial Day next week – even if it’s hard to believe that’s already here. Below, a few more things on my mind before we head out into the weekend.

  1. While there have been many people to flee the city during this whole mess, you can always count on a few classic New Yorkers who are never going anywhere. I loved this interview with Fran Lebowitz and this interview with Chloe Sevigny on why they’ll never give up on this city. I’m with them.
  2. Maybe it’s their ability to hide second day hair, but my love for headbands has only grown lately. I’ve currently got my eye on this daisy version.
  3. After reading Normal People last summer, I’ve been watching the TV adaptation on Hulu. You can read my review of the book here (honestly, I had mixed feelings) but I do think they’ve done a great job of staying true to the book. And the Irish accents are fun to listen to! Same goes for Little Fires Everywhere, which I read and loved – my book review for it was part of my very first Steele Maiden Book Club post here! The limited series adaptation is also on Hulu and while I’m only halfway through – I think Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and all of the young teen actors were cast perfectly. What else have you been watching?
  4. Inexplicably, despite being much more of a shoe-girl, I’ve been on a purse kick lately. My friends at Cambridge Satchel Company sent over this classic satchel in their new lily white color which I’m still swooning over and I keep eyeing this little 1960s vintage crochet bag on Etsy. Don’t beat me to it.
  5. By now most of you know about my enduring love for Dolly Parton. I loved this article about how one writer came to terms with her appeal to him as a young boy.
  6. I have a tendency to want to buy a fun purse (case in point above) but not own a single plain white crewneck t-shirt. It’s infuriating. So one of my goals for 2020 was to “invest in basics” – and make sure that my closet had the things I truly find myself reaching for week after week. I finally stocked up on some nice plain t-shirts and it gave me such a boost of happiness.
  7. More people live alone now than ever before in history (a fact that in better times would be a pleasant reflection on women’s economic growth) – but what does that mean in a pandemic? This round-up of people quarantining alone around the world was equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking.
  8. More than ever I find that I want to support small businesses right now. I’ve placed orders from: Brooklyn Candle Studio (my favorite candles), Neely & Chloe (a vintage inspired handbag company based in New York – they’re having a major sale so I finally bought a style I’d been eyeing for ages and am so impressed with the quality), Reformation (the prettiest dresses that are also sustainably made) and McNally Jackson & Strand (for books, naturally). Every little bit helps.
  9. If you need a pick-me-up, I highly suggest catching up on the SNL At Home episodes. Out of all of the strange little skits that the cast has thrown together from the confines of their apartments – this one with Aidy Bryant, where she digs back through some of her childhood journals, might have made me laugh the most.
  10. I’m all about a comfortable “house dress” at the moment and the one I’m wearing in the photo above is a new favorite. Likewise for the floral denim jacket below, which is so cute for spring/summer and looks great with a simple tee. And as always – everything is better when surrounded by fresh flowers.