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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – a cause very near to my heart after watching my late Grandmother and Aunt battle the disease – and I’m honored to be partnering with Talbots this month on their ‘Art of the Scarf’ campaign, to showcase styling ideas for their capsule collection of 3 unique silk scarves designed by 3 brilliant female artists – @jessillustrator, @karenmabon, @alimacdoodle.

In the spirit of women helping women, 10% of net proceeds from each scarf sold between now and October 31 will go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Care Helpline, which provides education, support and resources in local communities. And to take it even further – I’ll be donating 10% of my own personal proceeds from this partnership to the same cause.

You can see the full styling video over on my Instagram – and details of each look below. Aside from the scarves – which are beautiful and support such a great cause – I just noticed that lots of these cute Fall pieces I styled them with are also on sale right now!


Fold the square scarf in half diagonally (into a big triangle) – tie the ends behind your neck and then drape the center into loose folds. The look is casual enough for a weekend outing but still a little bit sophisticated looking. I paired with jeans, stripes and this ‘pumpkin spice’ hued jacket that’s my absolute favorite right now.


Again, fold the square scarf in half diagonally (into a big triangle) and then roll the scarf into a long skinny snake like shape from there. Tie in a bow around the hand of a bag and voila! I love the way the pink and burgundy hues play off this plaid blazer. I’m not back in the office yet but I’d wear these pieces on a zoom call or out on a lunch date where I wanted to feel put together.


Same start – fold the square scarf in half diagonally (into a big triangle) and then starting at the widest side, fold down in two inch strips until you have a long rectangle. Tie in a knot around your neck and leave the ends long. This one feels very French to me!

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This time of year is my absolute favorite to dress for. Warm enough for bare legs but cool enough for boots. Textures like corduroy, tweed and cashmere plus colors like burgundy, cognac and navy. I always go back to a lot of the same staples in the fall: throw-on-and-go blazers, pretty, dark floral dresses, well-fitting jeans, cute flats and great boots. Mix and repeat.

Some of these items have been in my wardrobe for years now – and in that case I’ve done my best to find a similar substitute – and some are brand new favorites that I featured in my recent Fall Wardrobe Edit.

Below – 6 of the outfits that I wore out and about this past week.


I’m usually swamped on Monday’s and reach for an outfit that doesn’t require a lot of thought but makes me feel put together and ready to tackle my to-do list. This pink corduroy blazer is one of my favorite fall pieces and I love these sweet little plaid shoes as a fun pop of print. Also – I was testing out a few pairs of Warby Parker glasses frames this week and while I didn’t end up going with this pair, they made a cute pairing with the hint of pink!

Blazer is from last year but the brand has an almost replica again this year. Shoes are also from last year by Kate Spade but I really love the color combo of the alternative option I found too.


I love a ‘borrowed from the professor’ type look for fall – corduroys, slightly oversized button down shirt, tasseled loafers. Paired with this very luxe looking little bag and a silk scarf for good measure.


I love a fall floral dress and while I didn’t necessarily need a bag and shoes for a Zoom call, I like to put on a full real outfit each day even though I’m working from home to help myself feel motivated and put together.

Dress is Old Navy and Bag is Dagne Dover – both from 3 or 4 years ago. Linked similar here. Shoes are new and I’m so impressed with the look and quality for the price.


It feels so rare to have real “plans” to be out lately, doesn’t it? Aside from my virtual book club I also host a small group in person here in New York and it is always so fun to grab a drink at an outdoor restaurant together and talk books! This past month we read Boys of Alabama (if you like coming of age stories, literary fiction, southern gothic writing styles and are open to a little bit of witchiness – than this book is for you!). Admittedly, I ended up switching to a proper coat and boots before I left the apartment because it was a little bit chilly to sit outside and I’m glad I did! But before that – I really loved this classic outfit.

Blazer and shoes are both a few years old, so I linked similar below. These jeans are my current favorite pair – super flattering and don’t stretch out. Size down though, I’m wearing a 2 here.


I’m determined to start taking real “lunch breaks” again (why is this so hard when you work at home?) and head over to a small local park and read for a few minutes while the weather is still so nice. Hold me to this please.

Exact sweatshirt is sold out in this color but still available in a pretty burgundy. Otherwise linked a similar option. Boots are old – similar here.

Last Saturday night *almost* felt normal. We went out to one of our favorite East Village restaurants on a street that was buzzing with people, sat outside while a little band played live music nearby and enjoyed this perfect early fall weather. I dressed up in what felt very much like a pre-pandemic date night outfit. Just added a mask!

This dress runs a little bit short/small – I got a medium and am only 5’4″ and definitely wouldn’t want it to be shorter on me. I think it will be great with tights and flats too though. This jacket is 5 years old but the brand still makes an almost exact version linked below.


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Here I am – in the entryway of a new path so to speak. My last day at my full time job is in a month. The brand is restructuring for the future and while, after 6 and a half years, it’s certainly bittersweet – I’m so thankful for the growth and opportunities that I was given while there and for the fact that I had some time to prepare for this.

If you know me personally – you know that my career has always been extremely important to me. I dreamed of a job in the New York fashion world in the same way that I suspect some women dream of children. I plotted and planned and for the past 12 years – I’ve done it. And yet now, on the precipice of such a big change, I have no idea what I’ll do next.

Which is, frankly, scary. But at the same time – a little bit freeing. Maybe I’ll finally take the plunge and do freelance work full time, taking on a range of clients that excite and inspire me. Maybe I’ll find an incredible job in an industry outside of fashion. Who knows? Although if you have leads send them my way 😉

While I can’t control everything about the next few months – I wanted to put together a list of goals for myself outside of work to keep me feeling happy and motivated in the midst of this big change.

  • Keep practicing the piano and ukulele. I’ve been half heartedly tinkering away on both over the past 6 months but want to get on a better, more consistent practice schedule.
  • Continue working on my novel. One of my big pipe dreams is to write a book (or who knows – a few!) and I have a pretty fleshed out concept that I’d like to dedicate more time to working on. In November I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) – a program that helps you track your progress and set milestones so that ideally you’ve written an entire novel structure in a month!
  • Walk more of New York. If I’m going to have a little bit of extra free time on my hands – and before the weather gets too cold – I want to walk and explore even more of the city. My morning walks that I started at the beginning of the summer continue to be a true bright spot and contributor to my good mental health.
  • Catch up on my “to be read” book stack! I’ve already read quite a bit more this year than I have in recent years past – but I’ve got a big stack that I’d love to get through if I have extra time.
  • Dream big for the future. The road ahead feels wide open so I want to do my best to push through the fear of uncertainty and really think of what the next 12 years of my career could look like. The sky is the limit, right?

If you’re in the same boat, you’re not alone. This year has left so many of us grappling with seismic life changes. But I’m choosing to look at this through a lens of positivity and with an open mind. Onward & upward!



It’s here!! My ultimate Fall wardrobe edit – with 25 pieces and 25 ways to wear them! There are a lot of exclamation points here because I’m truly excited to share but equally excited to be done with this project because it’s taken me quite a bit of time (watch the IGTV video with all 25 outfits come to life to appreciate the full effect). Regardless – I’m happy to have it out in the world and hope that it inspires you to pick up a great new staple for the season ahead or think of new ways to wear the items already in your closet. The world is a wild place these days but getting up each item and putting on a real outfit sparks joy for me, so I’m going to keep doing it. I’ll be wearing these outfits this fall everywhere from work Zoom calls to weekends adventures to an al fresco date night or two. Happy Fall friends!


Shown Above: Sweater Dress (size small) c/o | Wool Coat (size 4) c/o | Ankle Boots | Silk Scarf c/o

Shown Above Left: Cardigan (size small) | Flare Jeans (size 26) | Saddle Bag | Leopard Sneakers

Shown Above Right: Cardigan (size small, worn backwards and off the shoulder) | Leopard Belt c/o | Denim Skirt (size 4) | Knee High Boots c/o

Shown Above Left: Quilted Coat (size small) c/o | Sweater (size small) | Headband | Leggings (size x-small) | Ballet Flats c/o

Shown Above Right: Sweater | Flare Jeans | Burgundy Bag c/o | Silk Scarf | Knee High Boots

Shown Above Left: Plaid Shirt (size small) | Cargo Jacket | Saddle Bag | Corduroys (size 2) c/o | Ankle Boots

Shown Above Right: Plaid Shirt | Flare Jeans | Burgundy Bag | Ankle Boots

Shown Above Left: Cargo Jacket | Vote T-Shirt (size small) | Headband | Denim Skirt | Ankle Boots

Shown Above Right: Vote T-Shirt | Quilted Jacket | Flare Jeans | Leopard Sneakers

Shown Above Left: Sweater Dress | Denim Jacket | Leopard Belt | Saddle Bag | Ballet Flats

Shown Above Right: Denim Jacket | Vote T-Shirt | Leggings | Saddle Bag | Ballet Flats

Shown Above Left: Floral Dress (size medium) | Wool Coat | Ballet Flats

Shown Above Right: Floral Dress | Burgundy Bag | Knee High Boots

Shown Above Left: Cargo Jacket | Striped T-Shirt | Headband | Saddle Bag | Corduroys | Ankle Boots

Shown Above Right: Cargo Jacket | Striped T-Shirt | Floral Dress | Saddle Bag |Ankle Boots

Shown Above Left: Plaid Blazer (size 4) c/o | Sweater Dress | Burgundy Bag | Knee High Boots

Shown Above Right: Plaid Blazer | Cardigan | Flare Jeans | Burgundy Bag | Knee High Boots

Shown Above Left: Sweater | Saddle Bag | Denim Skirt | Leopard Sneakers

Shown Above Right: Quilted Jacket | Plaid Shirt | Denim Skirt | Leopard Sneakers

Shown Above Left: Plaid Blazer | Cardigan | Corduroys | Knee High Boots

Shown Above Right: Cardigan | Floral Dress | Leopard Belt | Knee High Boots

Shown Above Left: Denim Jacket | Stripe Tee | Leggings | Burgundy Bag | Ballet Flats

Shown Above Right: Quilted Jacket | Striped Tee | Leopard Belt | Denim Skirt | Knee High Boots

Shown Above Left: Wool Coat | Striped Tee | Silk Scarf | Flare Jeans | Ankle Boots

Shown Above Right: Wool Coat | Sweater | Corduroys | Knee High Boots



Pat yourselves on the back if you haven’t broken up with someone during the past six months. I’m kidding… but I think I speak for most of us when I say that this has been an incredibly trying time. I’ve never felt more stress about the world at large and probably never been more stressed in my work life. Add to that the fact that for 3 months Adam and I were both spending almost all of our time living and working inside a one bedroom apartment and even with him back in the office now, our life remains much more insular than it ever was before – and you’re bound to hit a few rocky moments.

This is a truly unique time to have survived with someone and there are a few things that have become even more clear to me over the course of the past 6 months. I think any one of these could apply to any close relationship you have (parents, kids, roommates, friends) not just a romantic partner – so I hope you find something that may feel helpful. Because who knows what the next six months will look like – but I know I won’t be spending it fighting about who should do the dishes.

A little distance goes a long way.

From going to the grocery store to watching TV, Adam and I have always tended to spend a large majority of our time together. So to some degree, the early months of the pandemic were probably not as big of a jolt as they were for some families. But that being said – two humans are not meant to spend every waking second side by side. And during the past six months it’s become more important than ever to be sure that we’re also giving ourselves a little bit of distance. Maybe that means me going for a walk without him or me going upstairs to read while he stays downstairs to play video games. Too much time together can inevitably lead to some quarreling or – equally dangerous – a sense of complete co-dependence on the other person. It doesn’t have to be for long or every single day even, but a little distance goes a long way.

Let them have an annoying habit. Or five.

Adam is a uniquely quirky person. His taste in music for instance – which ranges from deeply experimental jazz to hard core death metal to every song that Hall & Oates has ever recorded. And when the spirit moves him he will play these at a volume that rattles my bones. He also frequently whistle tunes over the mouth of a beer bottle. Come to think about it a lot of his habits are ‘noise’ related. But I stopped labeling these as annoying during quarantine. They’re just him. My life would be painfully quiet without him and I bet I’d miss the sound of him the most. And those habits that can get labeled as ‘annoying’ are bringing the other person some sort of joy – and truthfully not hurting you at all. Plus – just remember that your partner probably has an equally long list of all your quirks and habits.

Carry the extra weight when you’re feeling strong.

Inevitably, one person is usually having a worse day than the other. Maybe something went wrong at work for me or Adam was feeling particularly anxious – if that was the case, the other of us (who was feeling mentally/emotionally/maybe even physically stronger) would just step up and carry the extra weight. Because we are spending so much time together I feel like we’ve become particularly in tune with spotting these signs and no longer need to wait for the other person to come out and say “I’m having a bad day, can you make dinner?” which feels like such a relief when you’re the one struggling. Don’t wait to be asked for help. Who cares if you’ve been the one to do the dishes every night that week. Don’t keep score and just carry the weight when and where you can. I’ve found it never goes unappreciated or unreciprocated.

The only constant is change.

When the world comes along and rocks the boat of your relationship – it can be easy to feel upended. You had your routines, you were comfortable. But the truth is that your circumstances – and with it your relationship – are always going to be in a state of change. Nothing can escape it. All of life is fleeting and no one has a crystal ball. So when the rug gets pulled out from under your feet – it’s important to be with someone that you can weather that change with and continue to recalibrate throughout life. Rather than someone who you are with only because your current circumstances are set up perfectly to support that happiness. This won’t be the most challenging thing that we survive together (and if it is, we’ll count our blessings) – but that’s fine. We’ll be by each other’s side. And he’ll likely be whistling a tune.

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