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The Steele Maiden: Fall Reading List

August (and much of September!) has flown by, so I figured I better jump in with another round of #SteeleMaidenBookClub picks before we officially kick off Fall this weekend. I kept to my plan of reading a wide variety this past month and find it so much more interesting than sticking to just one genre. Below, everything I read since August and what I’ve got stacked up on the shelves for the rest of September/October. Happy reading!

Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta: If you’ve got a spare afternoon and don’t want to waste it on reality TV but want that same kind of laughable drama-type escape – I suggest this book. About a single mother in her 40s grappling with her son leaving for college and the dating scene now in front of her. Nothing ground-breaking here, but pretty fun nonetheless.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel: Man I love when a book surprises me. Not in a thriller, edge of your seat kind of way (although that’s great too), but in a ‘I didn’t think I’d love this book and now I do’ kind of way. This book really did that. This is a YA book (which I never read.. and now realize perhaps I should change that) recommended to me by one of my closest friends – so I figured I’d give it a shot.¬†Beautifully imagined, it tells the story of a not so distant future, post-apocalypse. There are a lot of different character stories but I found myself interested in all of them and weeks later – I’m still thinking about this book.

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen: Not for the faint of heart, this is a long book. Which is why I didn’t get to my fourth book (The Female Persuasion) at all last month. In spite of the length, it’s magnificent. And I don’t use that term lightly. I’ve always been really interested in the lives that shaped my favorite famous creatives (from Yves Saint Laurent to Joan Didion to now, Bruce Springsteen) and the way that this autobiography takes you inside his upbringing, his early days, years on the road and relationships – all through that classic American voice of his – is really incredible. I promise you will never hear the song Born to Run the same way again. Highly recommend. And now, I’ll be busy looking up how to win the lottery tickets to see his broadway show.¬†*Note: my friend listened to this on audiobook while I was reading the actual book and since it’s read by Mr. Springsteen himself I almost wish I had done it that way. Also, I think you may be able to get through it a bit quicker with this approach.


The Steele Maiden: Fall Reading List

For the month ahead, I’m tackling The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer first, then jumping into David Sedaris’ new book Calypso (he balances heartbreak with hilarity in such a perfect way – his writing is some of my very favorite), then Educated (a recent best-seller based on a true story that I’ve been itching to get my hand’s on) and finally Marlena by Julie Buntin (looks like a quick fiction read about a troubled friendship and flashbacks of youth).


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The Steele Maiden: On Trend Fall Accessories and Shoes Under $100

Western. Animal Print. 1980s. If these trends sound a little bit intimidating to you – you’re certainly not alone. The trends are BIG this Fall and it takes more than a little bit of fashion confidence to pull those off. My best advice? Dip your toes into the trendy waters with accessories instead. They can freshen up even the simplest sweater and jeans combo and make it look completely Fall 2018 without looking like you tried to nail every trend at once.

Want to try the Western trend? How about a wide brim wool hat or a pair of suede booties. Thinking of taking on animal print? How about a sleek pair of leopard print mules instead of a head to toe look. Want to throw it back to the 80s without looking like you’re going to a costume party? A plaid newsboy cap, white booties or multi-colored statement earrings would all do the trick.

The best part? All of the suggestions below are under $100. Small investment, big impact. Win, win.






The Steele Maiden: On Trend Fall Accessories and Shoes Under $100

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The Steele Maiden: Western Inspired Fall Trend - Suede Skirt and White Booties

Yeehaw! In my efforts to bring you the best of Fall Fashion this entire week on the blog – I present to you the first of the most major trends of the season: All things Western-Inspired. Think: ‘Annie Oakley meets Carrie Bradshaw’.



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The Steele Maiden: Blazers and Denim - Casual Friday Outfit

Ahhh.. hello Casual Friday! We’ve made it to the end of my “Work” themed week (see the post here that mentions each week’s theme for the month of September) and so a focus on everyone’s favorite day of the work week seemed to be fitting. I’m lucky in that my office has a ‘creative casual’ dress code so my everyday outfits might be considered ‘Casual Friday’ by other people’s standards. That being said, if I’m wearing jeans to work I do try to dress them up a bit so it doesn’t veer too far into the weekend territory. Basically: casual… but make it fashion.


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The Steele Maiden: Fall Office Outfit Inspiration with London Times

I always call this time of year ‘Back to Work’, like the grown-up version of ‘Back to School’. After the Summer it feels like the perfect time to brush up your workwear game before heading into Fall. So I teamed up with London Times (the sister brand of Maggy London – both of which are 2 of my favorite brands to wear to work) to serve up a bit of office outfit inspiration for the season ahead.


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