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The Steele Maiden: Art of Fun - Donald J Pliner Shoes for Spring

To me, having fun means you’re not trying too hard and just living in the moment. Fun is carefree and easy and doesn’t complicate things. It’s wearing a show-stopping pair of shoes out to get $6 dumplings in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.. just for the hell of it. I like fun. So when Donald J Pliner asked me to be a part of their Spring campaign – aptly titled #ArtofFun – I certainly didn’t have to overthink it.


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The Steele Maiden: Spring Trends Ruffle Sleeve Top and Denim Midi Skirt

For a few brief hours on Saturday morning, there was a hint of Spring in the air. I used the window as an excuse to wander some of my favorite streets in the West Village, chai latte and hydrangeas in hand, debuting a couple of spring pieces that I’ve been (impatiently) waiting to wear. Of course, then it started to rain and I tucked them back into my closet. But for those brief hours, all was right in the world.



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The Steele Maiden: Spring Brunch Cocktail Recipe - Citrus Bourbon Paloma

Without fail it happens every March – cabin fever. Adam and I spend so much of our time outside, roaming the city when the weather allows, that after a long winter I just start to go a little stir crazy in our tiny apartment. So I decided if I had to be cooped up, I may as well make the best of it and mix up a spring-inspired cocktail perfect for weekend brunch. A Paloma is usually the tequila and grapefruit version of a mimosa. But I took the mix one step further and subbed bourbon for tequila plus added blood orange and lime and finished with club soda and a dash of pink salt (have you ever used this? It’s so pretty!). The results – a burst of fresh citrus, bit of fizz and an incredibly smooth and refreshing finish. Out of all the cocktails I’ve shared on the blog so far, this may just be my favorite. Below the recipe. Cheers to the weekend friends!


The Steele Maiden: Spring Brunch Cocktail Recipe - Citrus Bourbon Paloma The Steele Maiden: Spring Brunch Cocktail Recipe - Citrus Bourbon Paloma The Steele Maiden: Spring Brunch Cocktail Recipe - Citrus Bourbon Paloma

*Original recipe found via Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

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The Steele Maiden: Spring Color Crush - Marigold Yellow

After seemingly months of being drawn to nothing but neutrals – I’m suddenly craving rich, vivid color. Since it’s officially spring now (feel free to catch up any time now weather), I think it’s officially time to indulge. First up on my radar – marigold yellow. Try wearing this color – in a breezy eyelet top, swinging pom earrings or cool suede sneakers – and not feeling happy.. I dare you.


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The Steele Maiden: Top 12 Hair and Skincare Favorites

In 2017 one of my goals was to really get serious about my beauty regime. I turn 30 in a couple of months and felt like it was high time I ditched some of the random drugstore hair & skincare products that I’d been using without any real direction in favor of a few more quality products that I’ve truly put to the test. Below – the top 12 products I’ve been using daily and loving these past few months. If you have more specific questions feel free to reach out!

Anddd as a fun little add-on – I’m giving away a small bundle of some of these products so that you guys can try them too! To enter – sign up for my newsletter here or if you’re already signed up, like and comment on this Instagram photo. See exactly what I’m giving away on my Instagram stories. (US Only – will announce the winner this Sunday 3/19 at 9PM EST). Best of luck!


I have lots of fine hair – which means it tangles easily, plus fall flats and attract static in the winter. So I rely on lots of product that add volume and texture (in the Summer the humidity helps do this naturally). Lately I’ve been shampooing with this Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, towel drying then adding a small handful of this Mousse and a quick spray of this Thickening Tonic. Then I blow dry and use this Texturizing Spray before styling along with this Paste for touch-ups. Later in the day (or for second day hair) I use this Dry Shampoo later in the day.


I have combination skin (sometimes oily, sometimes dry) – that tends towards the super dry in the winter. On my body, I’ve been exfoliating twice a week with this Body Polish and using this moisturizing Deodorant. On my face, I’ve been using this Daily Superfoliant every evening to clear my skin of the day’s pollutants, then following with this Serum 1-2 per week and this Moisturizer both day and night.  And a few times a month I use this Eye and Face Mask to look fresh faced after a late night or early morning.

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