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I have always been a ‘small bag’ person.  I only ever carry the essentials (lip balm, cell phone, tiny wallet), so I consider even a cute little clutch practical.  Alas, in preparation for my cross country road trip in a few weeks, I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that a small bag simply may not cut it for day trip destinations along the way.  All of the above would easily store my new essentials (camera, notepad, granola bar/bottled water), and there’s one to fit every setting I may find myself in over the course of our two week journey – city, country, or beach.  The only question now is: backpack (with compartments to stay organized) tote (roomy yet structured), or cross-body bag (to keep my hands free)??  Apparently, less is not always more.    

(city: Forever 21 backpack, Gap tote, J.Crew cross-body)
(country: Madewell backpack, Asos tote, Topshop cross-body)
(beach: Urban Outfitters backpack, Free People tote, AE cross-body)

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After living in New York for the past three years, and now getting ready to move to L.A. in a month, I’m faced with the challenge of integrating a bit of the West Coast into my decidedly East Coast style.  This image from the Fall H&M campaign kind of captures what I think that may look like.  I’ll be hanging on to basics (like a black crewneck sweater), nodding to my preppy roots (what can I say, I love a good knee sock), and throwing in a few new pieces that exude a casual cool (like this printed skirt).  I’m hoping the whole thing ends up coming off as ’90’s laid back city kid’.. but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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In all the years I spent growing up in Pennsylvania, I’m not sure I ever heard the state described as trendsetting.  And yet, against all odds Topshop has chosen my home state of PA as inspiration for one of their Fall ’12 collections.  Sure, the styling may look like a cross between a member of the Amish community and an extra from an M. Night Shyamalan movie.. but it may be the only time the state receives this semi-honor so I think it’s worthy of a mention.  Plus, I’m not totally against that hooded cape coat they’ve got going on…

(all: topshop

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My weekend via Instagram – most of which was spent recovering from a summer cold meaning little was accomplished.  Besides of course scoring these fall-ready Steve Madden studded loafers, getting paid to play with a pair of pretty pups and replicating a print I had seen online by artist Jennifer Ament (my own knockoff is just a pointless doodle, but seriously go buy something from her – all of her stuff is gallery wall worthy).  Hope your weekend was well spent. 

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Happy end of the (shark) week!  Celebrate with a pretty little pendant, sweet salutation, or a daring addition to your wall.  And make sure to catch the tail end – pun intended – of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.    

(1. shark tooth necklace; 2. shark week card; 3. shark head faux taxidermy; 4. embroidered shark tooth pendant)

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