The Steele Maiden: Fall Office Outfit Inspiration with London Times

I always call this time of year ‘Back to Work’, like the grown-up version of ‘Back to School’. After the Summer it feels like the perfect time to brush up your workwear game before heading into Fall. So I teamed up with London Times (the sister brand of Maggy London – both of which are 2 of my favorite brands to wear to work) to serve up a bit of office outfit inspiration for the season ahead.


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The Steele Maiden: What's In My Work Bag

You know what they say – you’re only as strong as the bag you’re carrying. Okay maybe that’s not exactly it, but the bag I carry to work quite literally has to have my back throughout the day, whether I get invited to a last minute event after work I need to spruce up my look or I’m running on empty and desperately need a snack. Below – the things I never leave home on a Monday-Friday without.



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As I write this I am so tightly tied in a knot of stress about upcoming work deadlines that it is going to take approximately 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls and 1 large cup of tea to unwind. A really bad day and you can replace that tea with tequila. Which leads me to the first topic of this week’s ‘Work’ theme: How to deal with stress at work. In my experience there are two main stressors when it comes to your 9-5 (or 9-6/7/8… whatever you’ve got). The first is when you’re at your desk up to your neck in deadlines and you have no idea how you’re possibly going to get it all done. I feel this way several times a week at least. The second, is the type of stress that hits when you’re not even at the office. It wakes you up in the middle of the night. It ruins your Sunday brunch. I experience this a couple of times a month. That inability to keep work at work. To me it’s the worse of the two. Either way, over the years I’ve developed a few tactics I can fall back on to help me. Below – the best tricks I’ve got.


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Leopard Hair Scarf and High-Waisted Jeans

How was everyone’s Labor Day weekend? I stayed put in the city and it was a mix of very productive and very lazy – which I think evens out to neutral. Here – a few thoughts before we run full steam ahead into September.

  1. This month on the blog I’m doing something a little bit different. Each week I’ll be focusing posts around 4 specific topics: Week 1 = Work (office wear, stress-reducing tips…), Week 2 = Fall Fashion (key trends, affordable accessories…), Week 3 = Home (closet and bathroom tours, DIY gallery wall…) and Week 4 = Hair/Beauty (easy date night make-up, hair accessories to try this Fall…). Be sure to check back each week! I’m really excited to share all of what I have planned!
  2. I’m on the fence about the white boots trend – mainly because New York City streets eat shoes alive and they’ll likely be instantly dirty. But if I do pull the trigger – these would be the pair.
  3. I loved this blog post from A Cup of Jo about the merits of listening to podcasts. They keep me company on my walks to and from work each day and honestly feel like a phone call with my very helpful, informed friends at this point.
  4. September is by far one of my favorite months of the year. Last year, we took a quick road trip to Newport, Rhode Island and it was one of my favorite weekends of the entire year. See the travel guide here. I’d love to get back there soon.
  5. And speaking of the season ahead – I’m making it a goal to check off this list of 18 Classic Fall Movies. My favorites from the list are When Harry Met Sally, Practical Magic, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Goodwill Hunting. Although You’ve Got Mail may win best line with: “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”
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The Steele Maiden: End of Summer Activewear

They say it’s not how you start, but how you finish – right? Well I started the Summer slowly and not feeling my 100% best. And now, I’m using these last final few weeks to begin setting strong intentions for the season ahead. Which means I’m looking forward instead of back (well, unless it’s over my shoulder at the cute back of this sports bra – that’s totally allowed).

While I can’t go back and change all those days I overslept and didn’t go running back in June, I sure as heck can end this season with a new commitment to myself and my workout routine. That means making the most of these last long, sun-filled days with runs along the water, quick strength-training sessions before I’m off to work and maybe throwing in a swim or a fun work-out class depending where I’m at this Labor Day weekend.

If you’re looking to finish summer strong too (and get a jumpstart on those Fall intentions!) – you can get 15% off Prana with code: ESJSF18. I got my first pair of prAna leggings last year and the quality/fit/feel of them is incredible (not the mention the fact that they’re all made with a commitment to sustainability). And if you need even more motivation that these photos – they made an incredible brand video showcasing three female surfers in the Middle East. I love when brand’s highlight inspiring women – the world needs to see ’em!

Wearing the Itzel Bra and Itzel Leggings in Highland Green c/o

The Steele Maiden: End of Summer Activewear The Steele Maiden: End of Summer Activewear The Steele Maiden: End of Summer Activewear The Steele Maiden: End of Summer Activewear The Steele Maiden: End of Summer Activewear

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