The Steele Maiden: 10 Minute Hair Date Night Tutorial

It’s around this time every year that I get terribly bored with my hair. Winter weather leaves my fairly fine hair flat, static-y and generally lifeless and knit beanies feel like the only answer. But this year I was determined to combat the Winter hair blues. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I sought out the styling genius of my favorite hair guru Sarah Rappolt (if you’re in New York she’s at Wonderland Beauty Parlor and is the best.) to help me come up with an easy answer to date night hair. I wear my hair down 90% of the time so this feels somehow just dressy enough and like I put in loads of extra effort (even though you actually only took a few extra moments), but doesn’t feel too fussy or overdone.

The steps are above and all products used below. But her real secret? That texturing spray (I bought a giant bottle for myself before leaving the salon). Sarah says “Just when you think you’ve used too much.. use more.” The result is loaded with volume hair that still feels soft to the touch. Pair with an off the shoulder dress, statement earrings and you’ve got yourself a no fail date night look.



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The Steele Maiden: A day in the life with Dove Advanced Care

If you’ve been noticing that I’ve been a bit scarcer around here and a bit busier in real life (a concept I would have told you wasn’t even possible in 2016…) than you’d be right. I accepted a promotion to Art Director at my full time job in the beginning of the year, started training for a half marathon last week and have been making sure to still carve out time for Adam, family and friends. In short, my days are LONG. So I was in desperate need of a deodorant that could keep up.

Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant came to the rescue. Boasting NutriumMoisture that provides extra moisturizer and softness and 48-hours worth of odor and wetness protection – you kind of can’t argue with a product that has so many 5-star reviews. The one I agreed with most? “This deodorant protects all day long. Noticed a difference in the softness of my skin in one use.” – Jasmine 0112 . The switch from my old more than lackluster brand seemed simple.

Below – I take you through what my Wednesday looks like, truly putting Dove Advanced Care to the test.

6:45 AM: First alarm goes off, immediately hit snooze.

7:15 AM: Roll out of bed and quickly change into workout clothes and apply Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant . Walk to the gym for cross-training. According to my half marathon training Wednesday means I get a break from running, so it’s arm weights and a cycle ride.

8:35 AM: Back home for a quick shower, pack a lunch and run out the door.

9:00 AM: A brisk 20 minute crosstown walk to the office, picking up a large iced tea along the way. Settle into my desk to check emails and review web orders from the previous day.

The Steele Maiden: A day in the life with Dove Advanced Care

11:30 AM: Take a quick break to make a cup of hot tea. I don’t drink coffee at all so tea (and lots of water) is what keeps me going throughout the day.

1:45 PM: Time for lunch. While I try to pack my lunches (healthier and cheaper!) I always step outside for a bit of fresh air. I’ll take a stroll down Fifth Avenue or walk through the Union Square Farmer’s Market.

3:30 PM: Jump on a weekly conference call with marketing strategists. Talk spring campaign ads and influencer outreach.

4:45 PM: Meet with potential partners for an upcoming in studio event. Walk them through our studio and discuss event set-up ideas.

The Steele Maiden: A day in the life with Dove Advanced Care

6:30 PM: Dash out of the office and take the subway downtown for a Fohr Card blogging event in Soho. A great chance to chat with other bloggers and pick up a few tips and tricks along the way.

8:45 PM: No matter what else I’ve got on my plate, Wednesdays are always me and Adam’s midweek date night. I freshen up with a quick swap of accessories and touch of extra make-up but shockingly no need for a deodorant reapply. Phew! We switch turns planning these Wednesday dates and tonight is my turn. We meet at Spaghetti Incident – a cute little Italian spot in Nolita.

10:00 PM: Make it back home to our apartment in the East Village. Quickly check a few blog emails before settling on the couch for some Netflix. We’re watching Black Mirror lately but since it’s date night, we’ll watch the far sappier This is Us.

11:30 PM: Tuck into bed for the night. A good night’s sleep and I’ll be back up and ready to go again tomorrow. Thanks for keeping up with me Dove!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



The Steele Maiden: New Year Workout Routine + Cute Activewear with Aerie

How are those New Year’s resolutions going friends? While I don’t really subscribe to the whole crash diet starting January 1st mindset, I love using a new year as a chance to raise the bar for myself when it comes to my usual routine. This time it’s another half marathon in the spring. Gulp. But as always in life, a cute outfit doesn’t hurt the efforts.



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The Steele Maiden: Skincare Resolutions with Clarins Hydra Essential

I always like to start a new year by refreshing some of my daily routines and more than ever before I’ve been thinking about my skincare. I’ll be turning 30 later this year and now is the time to create a really solid routine that will prevent early signs of aging on my skin. Aside from the whole birthday looming though.. winter in New York is incredibly hard on my skin. Last winter I really struggled with drastic dryness and in turn, surprising breakouts. Not ideal. So this year I couldn’t wait to try out Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream Moisturizer and Bi-phase Serum.


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2016 – phew. I’m not afraid to admit, this year really tested me in a lot of ways. At 29 I think I often felt in a hurry to make things happen this year. And in the moment, that often felt challenging, daunting and altogether frustrating. It often felt like I didn’t have the time to make this blog what I wanted it to be. Didn’t have the money to take the extravagant vacations I saw everyone else on Instagram taking. That I was letting the stress of my job effect the happiness I felt outside of the office. You get the picture. Not to mention a week I spent in bed with a kidney infection (and another with a stomach flu), a week I spent crying over my dead laptop and if I added it all up weeks and weeks spent worrying about when I’d have it all figured out. Oh yeah, and then there were those 5 weddings I attended in 5 months time. Which are all of course teeny tiny issues compared to those that the world at large faced this past year. But the funny thing is?

As I sit here thinking back on the past year here is what comes to mind:


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