The Steele Maiden: Romantic Fall style with Anthropologie and Ralph Lauren Fragrance

Of all the places that Adam and I go to escape on the weekends, our neighboring hometowns in the PA countryside is still one of our favorites. It’s the place where we first met and when the air turns crisp, the leaves start to change and the cornfields are full.. there’s just alway something that feels special about coming back here. While I’m usually a jeans and t-shirt girl back home, I was inspired by the classic scent of Ralph Lauren Romance to get a little dressed up, spread out some cozy blankets and take a quiet moment for just the two of us after a busy week in the city.



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Prepping for NYFW with Marie-Lou & D Salon in Soho, New York

We’re just a day away from the official kick-off of NYFW and aside from pulling outfits, I always make time for a bit of beauty prep before the madness begins. This year I headed to Soho to check out Marie-Lou & D salon. Decorated by a French designer who usually sticks to chateaus, the interior reads more like a chic and inviting Parisian pied-à-terre rather than a stuffy salon (aka my worst nightmare).

Prepping for NYFW with Marie-Lou & D Salon in Soho, New York Prepping for NYFW with Marie-Lou & D Salon in Soho, New York Prepping for NYFW with Marie-Lou & D Salon in Soho, New York

One of my favorite parts of Marie-Lou & D is that they offer just about everything. For someone who is always short on time – that means I was able to freshen up my hair color at the same time that I got a glossy new manicure (I went with this color for Fashion Week). Did I mention I was sipping a glass of Prosecco at the same time? Now that’s multi-tasking.

Prepping for NYFW with Marie-Lou & D Salon in Soho, New York Prepping for NYFW with Marie-Lou & D Salon in Soho, New York

The result? A brighter, blonder color for Fall that plays up the natural color the sun afforded me this summer. A year or so ago I stopped using traditional highlights and switched to using the bayalage method. That means the roots grow out slowly and naturally and I only have to go in for color about twice a year. Major win. Yoann (the stylist I used) got it just right and I left feeling ready to tackle another exciting/exhausting/exhilarating round of NYFW.

If you’re looking for a new salon in town, I highly recommend Marie-Lou & D! Try them out for yourself and mention code THESTEELEMAIDEN for a 15% off discount.

The Steele Maiden: Bayalage blonde for Fall from Marie-Lou & D Salon in Soho, New York

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Carry-on travel beauty essentials

At home, I rely on a pretty basic beauty routine – but when I’m traveling I find my skin/hair/everything is put through the wringer. Airplane air, less sleep, change in diet, it all adds up and after years of arriving at my destination thinking ‘I wish I had something for…’ I finally think I’ve perfected my carry-on beauty bag. Below, what’s going to make the cut this trip and exactly why.


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Heyday: NYC Facial Shop

One of the greatest perks of living in NYC is access to an ever-changing influx of new things to see and do. So when a friend told me about Heyday – a facial shop in the Flatiron District that would change my ‘anti-spa’ attitude.. I had to see for myself. One step into their minimal yet inviting doors and I was totally converted.

Heyday: NYC Facial Shop


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Summer Beauty Staples

We’re at the point in the Summer when heat and humidity, long days in the sun, pool/ocean/lake dips all have started to wreak havoc on my skin and hair. Here, the products I’ll be using to get me through the rest of the season.

FACE: I typically don’t wear a ton of makeup in Summer, so this lash lengthening mascara and lip balm are my go-to’s. If I want to add a bit of color, I’ll use a thin line of these aquatic eyeliners or a stay all day lipstick. And on newly tanned skin, a hint of highlighter on my brow/cheekbones.

HAIR: If I’m drying naturally, this sea salt spray gives me beachy waves. If I’m blow-drying this smoothing cream fights frizz and softens dry ends. And either way, I use this detangler on the regular.

NAILS: Summer usually wreaks havoc on my mani/pedi but Essie polishes last longer than any other brand I’ve tried. And my real secret ingredient? This instant dry top coat. No scratches, dents or chips and it’s dry… instantly. I never paint my nails without it.

SKIN: First things first, skin protection. I just tried this mineral sunscreen for the first time and it feels like velvet. This serum is great for lightening up sun spots or other damage and this eye repair emulsion.. well I have no idea what that even means but it brightens, firms and reduces puffiness around the eyes. So I’ll just call it magic.




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