It’s been a pretty wild month so far and after being away for a couple of weekends in April it felt veryyy good to catch up on all of our errands and chores this weekend. The next couple of months are going to be non-stop, not to mention a big trip in a couple of weeks, so I’m relishing this sliver of time where the apartment is clean, groceries are stocked and laundry is done. Below, what’s on my mind, on my bookshelf and in my cart tonight.


  • I’ve got a pen pal! The organizer of my newest book club put out an open call on Instagram and I was matched with someone in South Carolina. I picked up a card from Greenwich Letterpress so I can send my first note. There’s something I find so charming about getting mail and hand-writing something. I feel like I need to get some new stationery to keep on hand for my future notes – this boxed set is cute!
  • Mother’s Day is a couple of weeks away and I think it can be a very difficult holiday for a lot of people – those who have lost their mom, those who wish they were a mom, those who have strained relationships with their mom, those who feel like they’re struggling at being a mom. I particularly liked this article on Cup of Jo about motherhood.
  • While it’s taken seemingly forever for the weather to turn here in New York (we’re still barely breaking 60 most days), the flowers got the memo and everything is in bloom around the neighborhood. Tulips explode from curbs, cherry blossoms brighten up the park and the white flowers on the tree outside our windows seem to snow petals when the wind picks up. My allergies hate it but my heart loves it.


  • I’m just finishing up Beautiful Little Fools – which is a parallel of The Great Gatsby from the perspective of 3 of its female characters. Is the writing blowing me away? No. But it’s an easy read and as someone who loves Gatsby it’s fun to be back in that world and imagine what the women were thinking, since the original focuses so heavily on Jay, Nick and Tom.
  • Speaking of the 1920s – The Paris Bookseller is high up on my TBR list. It tells the story of Paris’ Shakespeare & Co bookstore and the famed original owner, Sylvia Beach.
  • I’ve heard a couple of people – with really varied reading tastes – rave about this new rom-com. Sounds like it would be fun as a beach/pool/lake read this summer.


  • Since I was mostly working from home for the past 2 years, I haven’t really bought much in the way of warm weather office appropriate pieces in awhile. I’ve got my eye on this tweed jacket which will be perfect when the A/C is blasting.
  • This white cotton blouse and suede sandals that I bought before Palm Springs are both on major sale right now (the top is less than $20!) – they’ll both be staples in my spring/summer wardrobe.
  • While these dresses are on the pricier side, whenever I get one from this brand I end up wearing it constantly. And who am I to resist a Pretty Woman-esque brown and white polka dot?!
  • In my dreams I’m a person who only sleeps in pretty sets like this one. In reality I often sleep in an oversized Metallica t-shirt that I stole from Adam because it’s freakishly soft. But that set and matching robe would be a good place to turn things around.
  • I tend to forget that one of my favorite clothing brands has jewelry but these gold link necklaces are SO chic and several of them are on major sale – I’m deciding between this one or this one.