We just got back from a quick little escape upstate (I still can’t get over the colors of those trees!) and jumped into a very short/very hectic two day work week before we head off again to the lake house this weekend. This month is turning in to a blur. Before you head out on your own adventures this weekend, here’s a few things on my mind:

  1. We basically repeated our same trip upstate from last year (travel guide here), except we added in a “sky ride” at Hunter Mountain – where the photos here were taken. I love this feeling of discovering a new place, but this was budget-friendly and didn’t require a lot of planning or stress which was what we needed right now. Do you go back to the same places year after year or always visit new ones?
  2. On of my goals is to build a better wardrobe of “basics” – like finding the perfect crewneck white t-shirt, fitted cotton layering turtlenecks with a neck that actually stays up and a versatile black sweater – they’re the things I’d reach for everyday and yet never bother to seek out to buy. I’m starting with these turtlenecks.
  3. All too often I hear women downplaying their success, or just never acknowledging it at all. I loved this article on how 25 famous women felt about winning.
  4. I kind of love how this once “dated” color is making a comeback in interiors. Put your hand up if you grew up knowing someone who had carpet this color…
  5. This weather always makes me want to curl up with a big cup of tea and a good book. My favorite mugs are on sale right now and while we’re at it – I’d love to own this copper tea kettle.