I feel like I have lots to catch up on (both in real life and here on the blog). After being away with family the past two weekends in a row and then being knocked out with a dreadful cold all week, I’m thrilled to be resuming my regular New York life this weekend. Below, a few things on my mind:

  1. If you’re looking for a new show this weekend – I highly recommend ‘Shrill’ on Hulu starring Aidy Bryant. I’ve been a fan of Aidy’s for a long time now via SNL but this show is something else all together. Essentially it deals with her relationship with (and society’s views of) her body – and plus size women in general. The whole show is great but there’s one scene in particular in which there’s a pool party and every woman there is plus size. I don’t think there has ever been a scene in TV history where that many curvy women were shown in swimsuits. It’s wasn’t the one “token friend” – it was everyone. There was cellulite and rolls and bikinis and I just was so happy that the next generation of girls is going to grow up and not only see one type of stick skinny body represented in media. The whole show is really powerful. And also brilliantly funny. Please watch.
  2. Two weeks from now Adam and I will be in Paris which feels frighteningly soon but also extremely exciting. I went once 10 years ago while studying abroad in London but he’s never been so we have lots to see and do. Aside from planning our site-seeing and restaurant research I know I’ll be grabbing these cute polk dot flats (on sale in Talbots Friends & Family 30% off sale) for all the walking we’ll do on this trip. Bon voyage!
  3. A few weeks ago I got my second earring holes pierced and a follower on Instagram asked for my tips. For some reason my friend and I thought it was going to be a really breezy experience – like we’ll grab a coffee, pierce our ears and go on. She had her first holes done as a baby so had no memory and I had mine done in middle school so it’s pretty foggy (plus my eyebrow pierced in college but that’s a whole other rodeo I won’t go into right now). To make a long story short it was not breezy. We picked an affordable tattoo shop and while it was fine, I can’t say I’d specifically recommend it either. I’ve known people who have gone to the trendy Manhattan places like Maria Tash and had a good experience but paid upwards of $150 for a single piercing by the time you buy the jewelry. I wasn’t down for that so we went the tattoo shop route (I paid about $70 total for both ears including jewelry). Just read reviews! Now to the piercing. My friend went first and her ears shockingly bled so much that she legit had blood down the back of her shirt. I watched in horror while wearing a white eyelet dress. Don’t do this. Apparently it’s perfectly normal to bleed a little or a lot – which we didn’t know – so wear dark colors just in case. Afterwards, you’re supposed to wear your hair pulled back for awhile so nothing gets tangled up and you’ll be cleaning them at least twice daily which honestly has added a solid 10 minutes to my morning and night routine. So I wouldn’t plan to do this right before traveling or a big event necessarily. Also, I spent several nights barely able to sleep because I could only lay on my back until Adam brilliantly thought I should try an airplane pillow (so that I could sleep on my side but that my ear would be in the middle not touching anything). That truly saved me. Basically, know that it’s kind of going to be a drag for about a month. But I’m happy I finally bit the bullet and did it because I’m excited to be able to wear tiny studs in the second holes and this will likely be my last piercing… like, ever.
  4. My sister and I are holding each other accountable for a 21 day online workout course called ‘Beach Body On Demand’ – a ridiculous name but honestly the best workouts I’ve had in years. These 30 minute circuits have me using muscles that I never even knew existed. I’m on Day 8 and feel stronger already. I haven’t weighed myself in years so I won’t be able to report on whether or not I lose any weight but I’m excited to see new muscles form and my stamina increase. It’s also just so good to raise the bar for yourself every once in awhile. Aside from the extreme soreness, ha, I feel really mentally recharged in a surprising way.
  5. After monthsss of searching for a couch that’s not too long but also not too short for our space, cool and modern but still completely comfortable and bold but not overly trendy – I think we’ve found “the one“. The best part is, they’ll carry it up the stairs of our 4th floor walk-up.