January has been a sort of bizarre mix of both incredibly busy and incredibly quiet for me. At my full time job I’ve been absolutely swamped with three photoshoots stacking up in the span of just a couple of weeks this month. But outside of work I’ve kind of hunkered down and tried to set a tone for the year. I’ve been at the gym every single morning before work. I’ve been getting in bed early every night to allow time for reading. I’ve staved off alcohol (okay I’ve had 3 total drinks so far this month.. but still that’s a drastic cut-back in comparison to December) and haven’t done any shopping. I’ve even been popping over to the gym on my lunch breaks to walk an extra mile on the treadmill while I read. It’s felt good – but I’ve also been missing this space! Now that I’ve got 2 out of 3 photoshoots for work under my belt (and the last one today as we speak), I’ll have more regular content going forward this year. January – what a strange month right?

Aside from all of that I’ve also been trying to wear things other than a huge black parka (most days I don’t succeed in this battle) – but the weekend before last when it wasn’t quite so frigid I mixed it up with this floral puffer look instead. Almost one more month closer to Spring my friends.. not that I’m counting.