The Steele Maiden: Weekly Round-Up

Why is it that I always seem to be the very busiest at work in the summer and time flies by the fastest? Exactly in the season when I want to savor it the most? One of life’s biggest conundrums. I’ve been making the most of my slivers of free time lately by hanging out in the city and escaping into the sun as much as possible. Here – a few things on my mind as we reach the halfway point on summer. Happy weekend friends!

  1. A couple of the photos above are from last weekend’s drive out to Rockaway Beach. I wore this cute cut-out one piece swimsuit that was a big hit with you all on Instagram (and comes in a few other colors too).
  2. I’ve been really refining the products I use on my skin and hair each day and Origins new GinZing line (with ginseng and caffeine) has made the cut. Their eye cream is truly magic at de-puffing my tired lids in the morning and erasing dark circles and the tinted moisturizer with SPF 40 is all I’ve been wearing on my skin lately (see the image above where my face is otherwise make-up free).
  3. I’ve got really big plans for the second half of the year and picked up this book (which I’ve heard people rave over lately) as a little mental pep-talk.
  4. I’m constantly in search of the best iced chai tea latte in the city. Maison Kayser  serves up a pretty solid option – plus has the cute tiled floors pictured above.
  5. When Lucinda Chambers was fired from her Fashion Director role at British Vogue after 25 years – she wrote a tell-all, tell-off of the magazine and industry at large. My favorite excerpt: “There are very few fashion magazines that make you feel empowered. Most leave you totally anxiety-ridden, for not having the right kind of dinner party, setting the table in the right kind of way or meeting the right kind of people. Truth be told, I haven’t read Vogue in years. Maybe I was too close to it after working there for so long, but I never felt I led a Vogue-y kind of life. The clothes are just irrelevant for most people – so ridiculously expensive. What magazines want today is the latest, the exclusive. It’s a shame that magazines have lost the authority they once had. They’ve stopped being useful. In fashion we are always trying to make people buy something they don’t need. We don’t needany more bags, shirts or shoes. So we cajole, bully or encourage people into continue buying. I know glossy magazines are meant to be aspirational, but why not be both useful and aspirational? That’s the kind of fashion magazine I’d like to see.”  Same Lucinda, same.