As I get ready to head into my thirties on Saturday (eek) – I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the past decade. On the big things but also the more subtle things, like how my personal style has evolved. I think one of the best lessons I’ve learned is to fill your closet with classics that can be worn for the most occasions and then fill in from there with more personal touches – a vintage bag, a trendy top, a fun pair of shoes. And those classics? They don’t have to be necessarily the most expensive option out there – but they do need to be good quality and fit you impeccably. The above are what I consider to be my own 30 wardrobe staples that I’m happy to be armed with as I head into this next chapter of style (and life).

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Clothes: You’ll want to fill in with more season-specific pieces – but start with a trench coat, great fitting pair of jeans, slim sweater and confidence boosting lingerie underneath and you really can’t go wrong.

Shoes: Walkable, stylish and clean are the shoe requirements for a woman that looks like she has her life together. A pair of suede ankle boots, leather ballet flats or d’orsay heels get you through a week with ease.

Accessories: A classic watch, small stud earrings, and face flattering sunglasses – they’re the polished finishing touches to almost any outfit. I added a structured wide brim hat and a scarf that can be worn on your neck, dress up a bag handle or cover a bad hair day in a pinch.