The Steele Maiden: What I Packed in my Suitcase for a trip to LA and Palm Springs

And just like that.. we’re off! Well actually not just like that. After my half marathon on Saturday I came down with a stomach bug on Monday that left me hanging on for dear life right up until Tuesday night.. with a 9:30 AM flight on Wednesday that we had no idea if we’d even make. So really Adam should be writing this ‘What’s in my Suitcase’ post because he is in fact the one that packed every last thing as I dictated to him from what felt like my death bed. Miraculously, I am on the mend now and we managed to make this morning’s flight bound for LA and Palm Springs. Suffice to say more than ready to spend a few days in the sun and watch one of my very dearest friends get married.

Be sure you’re following along on Instagram (and IG stories!) to get snippets of our trip as it happens and in the meantime – here’s almost everything that’s in my suitcase. From a bold yellow one shoulder dress just begging for a margarita to pool-ready sandals and shades to the chicest printed trousers and an essential wide brim hat. I packed more color and fun into one suitcase than my wardrobe has seen in months. Can’t wait to share all the full looks with you soon! Until then – consider this my out of office.