The site you’re looking at (a new and improved The Steele Maiden) has been a long time coming. In fact, it’s the site I set out to make when I began blogging all the way back in 2012.

But somewhere along the way – between 2 cross-country moves, new jobs, new apartments, and a whole lot of shoes – I seemed to lose sight of it. Let me step back. The Steele Maiden was founded on the idea of ‘a fashionable journey’. A place where my love of fashion, travel and curiosity for whatever city I lived in at that particular moment coincided in one neat little corner of the internet. It was meant to be a place that felt like a magazine (albeit one published daily). It was meant to inspire readers to look at their closet, their city and hey, maybe even the world, with a fresh set of eyes.

Fast forward to January and after 2 years of blogging I finally took a moment’s pause and I realized that I wasn’t exactly doing what I set out to do. Some days there were posts I loved sharing (this, this and this were recent favorites) – ones in which I had partnered with a brand I really love or matched an outfit to an equally compelling location. But there were also a lot of days in between where I found myself simply churning out outfit post after outfit post like a million other fashion blogs (which is great if that’s their goal.. it just wasn’t mine). Adam and I found ourselves rushing to get pictures done in front of scenery that neither one of us found inspiring.. just so there would be something to post. Instead of our pictures telling a story of the city around us, they told the story of a girl with a lot of clothes and not a lot of spare time. That’s not a story I’m interested in you hearing from me.

So from here on out? I’ll be writing a different one. There will still be outfit posts (it’s a fashionable journey after all), but there will also be travel destinations and tips, insider guides to New York City, lifestyle topics like beauty and fitness, a new spotlight series called ‘the Edit’ featuring some of my favorite bloggers, video segments and so much more. And if that’s a story you’re interested in hearing.. I’d love for you to stick around. This next chapter is going to be a good one.

xx, Jess

P.S. Most importantly, I want to thank you for being here. Whether you’ve read from the first post (hi Mom & Dad) or you’re just finding The Steele Maiden – I wouldn’t feel half as inspired without all of you along for the journey.

Oh and one last request.. please be patient these next couple of days as I’m still getting everything formatted, properly categorized, and the newsletter up and running! Feel free to explore though – via the top navigation, updated side bar, or highlights in the footer. And as always, for real time updates follow me on instagram @thesteelemaiden