The Steele Maiden: Building a Jewelry Wardrobe

As I find myself leaning more and more towards a streamlined clothing wardrobe, I’ve been leaning more heavily on my collection of jewelry to elevate even the simplest of outfits. And it occurred to me, that a jewelry wardrobe is something that should be just as thoughtfully curated. Since I’ve spent close to 4 years working in the jewelry business and many more being an admirer, I thought I could share some helpful tips.

The first step is to identify what kind of accessories wearer you are. A minimalist? Daring? Sparkle-lover? Gold vs. Silver? Think about what colors you tend to wear and what silhouettes. If busy prints are your thing, then all metal pieces could help ground your look. Or if you are feeling bored of your usual sweater and jeans uniform, invest in a few statement pieces to liven things up.

Next up – start with the basics. Simple, pieces that can be worn everyday. I like to mix a few family heirlooms in here. SHOP BELOW >


Then, invest in pieces that are ‘forever classics’. Pieces you could wear on a date, to a wedding, or to work, today or 10 years from now. SHOP BELOW >


Now for the fun part. Statement making shapes, mixed materials, lively color and natural stones make for conversation pieces that transform your clothing staples and add personality to your wardrobe. SHOP BELOW >


Need more suggestions or can’t find the perfect piece for your next occasion? Feel free to drop me a line here.