Since it was impossible to keep up while I was on the road, I figured I’ll take my time and space out my features on each city (and maybe throw in some past travels as well).  So for today, let’s pass through Nashville – a city that’s seemingly equal parts rowdy nightlife, esteemed college town, and historic country soul.  If you can get a reservation (which we unfortunately couldn’t..) stay at the Hutton Hotel.  It’s perfectly situated modern luxury.  As far as downtown goes, it’s neon, loud, and country – and not to be missed.  Cover all the bases like line dancing, live music, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and a meal at Jack’s BBQ (which serves up classic cafeteria style ‘meat and threes’).  Then, promptly escape all the commotion and head to the area surrounding Vanderbilt University.  The Hillsboro area provides small town charm and shopping with barely a cowboy boot in sight (stop by Retropolitan for a well curated mix of vintage home decor).  The campus also happens to neighbor a beautiful park which is home to Nashville’s Parthenon, a surprising beauty.  My advice?  Pass through, but be sure to look beyond Broadway.  

(Jack’s BBQ and Parthenon images, my own)