After years of traveling, I’ve come to abide by a few steadfast rules when it comes to souvenir buying.  While they may seem obvious, when you’re on the road and faced with the sudden urge to purchase a giant sombrero I promise they will come in handy.  First off, will you use it?  A grits cookbook was a great little purchase along my southern journey since I love to try out new recipes.. but if you use your oven to store shoes you should pass.  Secondly, is it your style?  If turquoise jewelry has never been your thing, you shouldn’t buy it just because you’re in Santa Fe.  This modern little necklace is just the type of jewelry I love, but now it has the added bonus of being made by a local Austin designer.  And lastly, does it remind you of the trip?  Sure, there are Kate Spade store’s everywhere, but this make up case with a cheeky ‘do the charleston’ logo will always remind me of the city in which I bought it (added bonus: I will use it and it perfectly fits my style).  Happy souvenir-ing!  

(Austin necklace; Charleston case)